Who do you like this weekend, Victor? I asked, and he told.

At least once a week I'm usually lucky enough to run into Victor in the early morning in front of my building, just as he's getting his cab ready for the day's work. He's never shy about sharing his picks for the weekend's sporting events.

Vic's picks last week were a little bit shaky. He said Danica Patrick wouldn't finish in the top ten in the Indianapolis 500, and she finished 10th. He said the Mets would get swept by Philadelphia, and they lost 2 of 3 games. And he predicted the Yankees would win two out of their three games against Seattle, losing the game A.J. Burnett started, and New York did lose the game with Burnett on the mound--but they also lost the next day's game in 12 innings when Mariano Rivera suffered a rare blown save.

This morning, Vic was excited about the Mavericks' dramatic comeback over the Miami Heat last night. But when I asked what he thought about the upcoming game on Sunday in Dallas, he grew solemn. Miami won't let that happen again, he said. They'll get a solid win. These two teams are going seven games.

Vic groused about how R.A. Dickey, John Niese and Dillon Gee are now the top of the rotation for the Mets, with a combined record of 11-11, thanks mostly to Gee's five wins and no losses. They go against the Atlanta Braves this weekend, and Vic likes their chances. Mets'll take two of three, he said after a thoughtful pause. He was guessing wildly, I could tell.

The Yanks are in Anaheim to face a mediocre Angels team. Can the Bronx Bombers build on their sweep of the A's on this West Coast trip? Vic seemed rather certain they could.

Ivan Nova versus Jered Weaver? That's too easy. C.C. versus Dan Haren? Toss up. But I heard Haren's back is bothering him. Colon against Ervin Santana? I'm guessing the Yankees will keep lightning in a bottle a little longer--at least until Colon's voodoo stem cell shot wears off. Yanks take two of three.

And with that, Vic jumped in his cab and sped off.