Despite his club's otherwise dominating performance over Hull City, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew was sent off for head butting a player with less than 20 minutes remaining in the match in the Magpies 4-1 victory.

Newcastle were up 3-1 in the 71st minute, when Pardew exchanged words and eventually a headbutt with Hull’s David Meyler.

Before the incident occurred, Meyler brushed past Pardew as he picked up the ball for a throw-in, and evidentially the 52-year-old took some exception to the minimal contact.

The two continued to argue with Hull defender Ahmen Elohamaday standing between them and restraining his teammate from any rash action.

Pardew was promptly sent off from the pitch, and he is expected to face a heavy punishment from the Premier League for his actions. Meanwhile, Meyler was issued a yellow card.

After the match, Pardew denied having hit Meyler at all.

“I don't accept it was a headbutt as it was not a quick movement, but I did move my head in a forward direction and you can't do that,” Pardew said.

“I was simply trying to get the lad out of my way but it simply all flared up around me. I've apologized to the player and to Hull.”

'I haven't had too many instances of having to sit in the stands but I'm not stupid and I do expect some sort of punishment which I will have to accept. Probably some sort of fine and a ban.”

This is certainly not Pardew’s first run in with trouble on the pitch.

Earlier this season, Pardew escaped a suspension for cursing at Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini after Newcastle’s 2-0 loss in January. Pardew later apologized for his coarse choice of words.

Pardew was also suspended for two matches and fined £20,000 at the start of the 2012-13 season after pushing an assistant referee.