No one’s ever accused Boston Red Sox David Ortiz of shying away his true feelings or thoughts.

Saturday during the pre-game ceremony at Fenway honoring the policeman, firefighters, and all the first responders of the Boston Marathon bombings, Ortiz summed up his feelings with one of the seven words you cannot say on television.

Thanking everyone around Boston, Ortiz said simply: “This is our f***ing city!”

The crowd erupted into cheers, with Ortiz expressing  his feelings, and perhaps everyone in the greater Boston area.

Known as “Big Papi,” Ortiz has been a favorite of Boston fans for years with his clutch home runs, and fan-friendly cheer.

While some may find Ortiz’s words lewd, he received lots of adulation on Twitter.

New York Giant Justin Tuck tweeted: “Obviously I'm a huge @Yankees fan, but big ups to Big Papi”

CBS college basketball reporter Seth Davis followed up with: “Hey Big Papi: you're g------- right it is!”

Below is video of Ortiz’s speech, which does contain graphic language that should be viewed only at the viewer’s discretion.