Over the past few years NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has faced plenty of criticism from players when it comes to discipline, hits on the field, and accusations of withheld knowledge surrounding concussions.

But Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has taken things to a whole new level.

His Ravens were victorious in the Super Bowl in February, but two-time Defensive Player of the Year Suggs believes Goodell had a hand in the blackout that shut the game down for a half an hour.

"I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean?" Suggs said in an interview on ESPN program E:60. "I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn't let us have this one in a landslide huh?"

Reporter Lisa Salters followed up to confirm Suggs comments.

“I thought he had a hand in it," Suggs said. "Most definitely, he had a hand in it."

Up 22 points in the third quarter, Baltimore was in the process of routing the San Francisco 49ers when all of a sudden the lights and scoreboard began to flicker, and eventually shutdown at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Initially, the blackout was blamed on music superstar Beyonce and her bright, lavish halftime show, a theory that was eventually debunked. Five days after the game, it was revealed a device called a relay, which is supposed to prevent blackouts, was faulty and caused the problem.

Baltimore staved off a San Francisco comeback and eventually won 34-3, even with uncertainty surrounding the 49ers final drive. Many felt Ravens corner Jimmy Smith committed pass interference on 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree in the endzone.

The 30-year-old Suggs also accused Goodell of favoring the Denver Broncos, the team Baltimore beat in double overtime in the AFC Divisional Round three weeks prior.

“We walk out of the Denver game, and linebackers are warming up on their sideline, and who do we see talking with John Elway, and it's like hmmm," Suggs said. "I thought, your commissioner is supposed to be neutral. He ain't supposed to be on one side or the other, he's supposed to be in the box. I saw him on their sideline and I was like, huh, I know who he's going for.

"I think he definitely has his favorites."

Based off a recent story from the team’s official website, Goodell should instead be favoring the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas played in four of the top six rated regular season games last season, but haven’t won a playoff game in three seasons.

"He'll deny it but, like I said when I run out of the tunnel, and the first thing I see is John Elway laughing it up, I'm definitely going to feel some way about that," Suggs said. "You're the commissioner of this league and you're supposed to make sure everything is being played on an even playing field. I definitely don't think he's doing a good job, and I don't think he should be making 10 million a year. That's just my personal opinion."