Miguel Cotto got his revenge against Antonio Margarito, as the Puerto Rican retained his 154-pound title with a TKO in front of 21,239 at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday.

Cotto, fighting in front of a large number of his fans, was never in serious trouble against Margarito, who beat him back in 2008 with a TKO in Las Vegas. Cotto targeted Margarito's eyes over the course of nine lopsided rounds before the fight was called in Round 10.

Margarito was subjected to viscious uppercuts and head shots that his face became bloodied and required 12 stitches. He wanted to keep going despite an eye that was swollen shut, but the doctors called the fight. The Tijuana Tornado simply couldn't handle the assault from Cotto, who showed a great deal of grit in front of his flag-waving supporters.

Cotto was bruised and battered, too, but not nearly to the same extent as Margarito. There were bad feelings going into the fight, and Cotto felt a great deal of satisfaction after his victory.

Just to look at him and taste my victory on him, Cotto said, according to ESPN. He means nothing to me. I'm here with all my crowd and all my people. He means nothing to me.

Here are the highlights from the bout:

HIGHLIGHTS Cotto / Margarito by orangesport