Newest Houston Rocket Dwight Howard is one of the best in the NBA when it comes to sharing his life with fans via social media.

On Friday, he continued to show why by posting a string of videos showing off his dance moves on Instagram. One video, as found by Bleacher Report, shows the 28-year-old center sporting a glow necklace, oversized neon-sunglasses, and tight yellow polo shirt while dancing with an older woman to “Love Train” by The O’Jays.

When he posted the video Howard included the message: “Oh yea lol”

Howard, who signed with Houston a month ago after shunning the Los Angeles Lakers and leaving $30 million on the table, had a bit of a snag on his Twitter account. A female fan essentially called out Howard for how many women he has children with, and how none of them are his wife.

Always lighthearted and seen cracking jokes with teammates, fans, and opponents, Howard clearly brushed off the messy public battle with some partying late Thursday night.

Even Laker fans who felt slighted by Howard’s departure chimed in with comments, praising his moves on the dance floor.