LeBron James and the Miami Heat weren’t the only ones trying to grab a piece of history Wednesday night.

As Miami headed toward the locker room after its 101-97 loss to the Chicago Bulls ended the second best winning streak in NBA history, a fan reached out of the stands towards James.

Based on the video below, it looks like the precocious Chicago fan was trying to snag the reigning MVP’s head band, perhaps as a souvenir, or for a gross auction on eBay.

Completely caught off guard, James looked befuddled, annoyed, and maybe even freaked out.

The Heat had won its 27 previous games, including 11 games when they were down heading into the fourth quarter. They came up six wins short of the 33-game win streak held by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers.

James finished with a game-high 32 points, with seven rebounds and four blocks, and later complained about hard fouls delivered by Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich, and forward Taj Gibson.

Miami now has 11 games left in its regular season, and can now focus all its energy on to the playoffs.