A equalizing shot by the Mavericks' most clutch player as the clock wound down hit the heel of the rim, and now the Dallas's season is in jeopardy, as the Miami Heat came away with the 88-86 victory to retake home-court advantage and come within two games of hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Udonis Haslem forced Dirk Nowitzki to take an off-balance shot near the free-throw line, and though the 7'0 sharpshooter has hit the shot on many occasions, he couldn't do it this time.

And on that shot the momentum that the Mavericks picked up in Miami in Game Two has been washed away. Now the Mavs will need to win at least one game in Miami if they expect to win the series.

Miami is in great position to take home the title, as they proved they don't need LeBron James to have a big performance to win an important game.

The Heat got another excellent performance from Dwyane Wade. In Game Three, he shot 12-for-21 from the field, and scored 29 points, and added 11 rebounds while not turning the ball over.

James, meanwhile, had four turnovers, and scored just 17 points.