For the second time in three nights the streets of Lexington, Kentucky descended into chaos Sunday after the Wildcats won their eighth national title in school history.

Fires were set and some houses reportedly burned, cars were flipped and one man was shot during the celebrations in a repeat of the madness from Friday night when Kentucky defeated Louisville to advance to the final.

Lexington police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts said that about 40 percent of the gathered fans were out of control and engaged in inappropriate celebrations.

At least 36 people were arrested during the celebration, mostly for destructive behavior and public intoxication.

The most serious injury was the man who was shot, though the injury was not reported to be life threatening. He was hit when another fan fired off multiple shots, in celebration, police said.

The gunman is still at large.

In a strange quirk, the riots became something of a social media phenomenon with twitter users passing a link to the Lexington Police scanner around the internet causing twitter to react in real time.

The hashtag #LexingtonPoliceScanner, was trending worldwide for several hours while the Twitterverse discussed the riots. Code 1, radio-speak for in a hurry, and Commander Coleman, a Lexington Police officer were also trending worldwide during the riots.