LeBron James suffered another heartbreaking NBA Finals loss Monday to the Golden State Warriors, who became champions. But James never sulked in his defeat. On the contrary, the star forward apparently shrugged it off by hitting the weight room and showing off his mostly shaved head Thursday.

Just days after he played his last game of the season, he took to social media and showed the world that he’s doing just fine. Now? James is bald — completely and utterly bald. In what looked like a display of liberation, James Instagramed a video of himself in good spirits and posted a picture of himself working out in the gym.

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The caption of his social media post read: "Bald head nut!"


Bald head nut!! #IHearEmPrayingOnMyDownfall #CantStopWontStop #striveforgreatness_

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James has been desperately trying to preserve his hair for years now. Most people noticed his faulty hairline when James tried to cover it up by sporting a large headband.

After sporting the headband for a little while, he stopped. James seemingly attempted to hide his hair issue by shaving it lower and lower. His new cut is the lowest he's cut it in recent memory — if ever.

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The transition seemed to make sense as James’ hair — or lack thereof — has been a topic of conversation since the Cavs’ star hairline receded a few years ago. In fact, TNT correspondent Charles Barkly made light of James' hair situation a few years ago on TNT’s "Inside The NBA." Barkley joked and proposed that James should try to seek a sponsorship deal with Rogaine to help ease his hair loss.

"Oh, you don't think he knows he's going bald?" Barkley asked. "I'm trying to save him so he can stop wasting all his money on paint."

James may have taken the joke to heart when he shaved his head. Doing so could land him even more comparisons to Michael Jordan, who also shaved his head during his NBA season. But Jordan didn’t face the same level of scrutiny about his hair as a result of the lack of social media during his NBA reign.

Speaking of social media, Twitter also chimed in on James’ bald haircut. Most of the reactions were in jest, but some of the tweets may have suggested that James will elevate his game because of the new look.

Even though James and his Cleveland Cavaliers fell short to the Warriors, his season and performance were nothing to gloss over. During the 2016-2017 season, James flirted with a triple-double, he averaged an impressive 26.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 8.7 assists.

James has had a remarkable eight NBA Finals appearances. He set the record for the most triple-doubles recorded in any finals run, exceeding Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. James also surpassed Michael Jordan’s record for most free throws in the playoffs at 1,463 and most points in the playoffs notching 6,163. James stands at third in all-time Finals scoring.

New hair, who this?