“Vikings” will be returning to the small screen on March 27 with a brand new episode. And from the looks of the leaked sneek-peek video, fans can expect a bloody family reunion. Yep, it appear that Ragnar has decided on a venue for his family get-together -- the battlefield. In episode 5, “Answers in Blood,” fans will watch the Earl of Kattegat fight alongside his family in a battle to reclaim his land from Jarl Borg.

The official synopsis for episode 5 indicates that “Answers in Blood” will have a wide range of story plots intertwining; from Lagertha and Ragnar’s reunion to Aslaug facing the truth of her prophecies, it seems fans of the History Channel series will have a lot on their plate when “Vikings” airs.

Now that Lagertha and Bjorn are back in town, could this mean that Ragnar will be rekindling his relationship with his former lover? We know the now-burly Bjorn is gung ho on getting his parents back together, but will his bloodier version of the parent trap work? Possibly. We have a feeling Asluag’s visions might be telling her that the father of her children is beginning to develop feelings for his former wife. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Right, Asluag?

Athelstan, who is recovering from being hammered to a cross, will struggle to define his faith in episode 5. The curly haired boy is going back and forth between religions, unable to fit anywhere fully. Will he finally give up the life of a Viking to become a Christian?

Athelstan won’t be the only one making a tough decision in “Answers in Blood.” Bjorn, too, will struggle as he’s forced to make a decision in episode 5 -- but what?

Here’s what we learned from the sneak-peek of “Vikings”:

In episode 5, Ragnar will attempt to defeat Borg and recall his village in one of the bloodiest battles we’ve seen yet.

“Get ready! Stay on your feet!” we hear Ragnar scream to his men. That’s when Borg’s warriors begin to charge, knocking Ragnar’s fighters to the ground -- including his son. Falling could ultimately get someone killed, which is why Ragnar rushes to his son’s side, slaying anyone who comes near him.

“Get up,” Ragnar says to Bjorn. Eventually, his son rises to his feet and begins swinging his weapon alongside his mother, father and uncle. The fighting family eventually causes Borg and his remaining men to retreat on horseback.

“Fought well today, Bjorn,” Rollo says out of breath and covered in blood.

“Thank you, uncle,” he replies.

But Ragnar had other words to say to his son, specifically critiquing Bjorn’s skills.

“You have a lot to learn,” Ragnar says, looking unimpressed.

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