The wait is finally over, my dear warriors, because tonight the hit History Channel series, “Vikings,” will return for yet another exciting season of the Michael Hirst created drama. But before Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and the rest of our favorite fighters begin their Season 3 raid on Thursday, Feb. 19, why don’t we round up all the exciting spoilers for the upcoming installment?

1. Ragnar’s King – Now What?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner explained what Ragnar would be doing now that he dons the crown. Spoiler alert: “It’s kind of unsexy!” According to Hirst, the newfound power will allow Ragnar to establish settlement in Wessex, on King Ecbert’s (Linus Roache) land.

“It’s not the sexiest thing that any lead character has ever done. But boy, is it real,” Hirst stated, adding that Ragnar isn’t interested in plunder, but settling land for his people. “He’s a farmer—and there wasn’t rich agricultural land in Scandinavia.”

2. New Characters

In addition to reuniting with our favorite characters from “Vikings,” fans will also be introduced to a slew of Season 3 newcomers:

Kalf (Ben Robson) – Lagertha’s “young, handsome second in command,” who the Earl will grow very fond of. However, Kalf will prove to be “ambitious and calculating” when his real agenda is revealed after Lagertha goes to raid.

Harbard (Kevin Durand) – This mysterious character will turn up in Kattagat following a vision had by Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Helga (Maude Hirst). “Those dreams were obviously foreshadowing my arrival,” Durand revealed during a press conference, adding that his character is “kind of mystical.” Fans will get to see just what kind of powers this wanderer will have and how it will affect those in Kattagat when Harbard makes his debut during episode 2 of Season 3.

“Harbard’s actions will pretty much change the course of action for all of the other characters in that episode and he leaves a pretty deep kind of a wound I guess -- a deep mark and I would say that that’s probably the one that probably has the most impact,” he stated, teasing fans should pay extra close attention to episode 4.

Emperor Charles of France (Lothaire Bluteau) – A “complex, troubled and powerful man” who won’t hesitate at going head-to-head with the Vikings.

Princess Gisla (Morgan Polanski) – Gisla is the daughter of Emperor Charles. She’s described as a “beautiful, young woman of considerable courage and resolution.”

vikings season 3 spoilers Alexander Ludwig teased that his character Bjorn (left) and Porunn (Gaia Weiss, right) will take their relationship to the next level in Season 3 of "Vikings." Photo: History Channel

3. A Wedding, A Raid & A Baby

A promo video for Season 3 teased that Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) would be popping the question to the slave-girl-turned-shield maiden, Porunn (Gaia Weiss). But will the fierce fighter except Bjorn’s proposal? Ludwig teased the answer during a press call.

“[During] Season 2 there was a lot left unsaid about their relationship and it was supposed to be vague,” he said, explaining that the ambiguity was due to the hectic plot of the last installment. “In Season 3 you’ll see that they’ve grown into something special, loving and deep.”

But that’s not all Ludwig divulged! The actor also revealed that Bjorn will be getting “phenomenal” news that will insinuate growth in his family. “But unfortunately things take turn for the worst. Something very severe happens and you’ll see how deep their relationship really goes," he warned, stating that a " very big obstacle" will be put between them. “It’ll be very interesting for the fans to see how willing they are to overcome it.”

4. The Attack On Paris

Hirst hasn’t been shy about discussing the Vikings raid on Paris in Season 3. In fact he’s been very open, revealing multiple details about the exciting, CGI-featured battle. “We attack the walls of Paris, with all these ladders and hundreds of extras,” Hirst told Entertainment Weekly, “and people going up the ladders, and we set the ladders on fire.” Basically, it’s going to be a blood bath.

5. Love For Lagertha

We know, we know -- you’re dying to find out if Ragnar and Lagertha will ever get back together. But we hate to break it to you, that doesn’t seem very likely -- at least not in the first three episodes of Season 3. Although Winnick revealed during a Gold Derby Google+ Hangout that “there is interest” between the former couple, viewers will see Lagertha lock lips with another bearded cutie in the new installment.

6. Bjorn vs. Ragnar

Hirst previously teased that fans can look forward to seeing a shift in Bjorn and Raganr's father/son relationship as the story line progresses. So, the International Business Times asked Alexander Ludwig during a press call if we could expect to see the two go head-to-head in the upcoming season.

“Absolutely. There’s been a massive shift and I’m very excited for the fans to see this season definitely more so than the second season,” he revealed. “Obviously I love the second season but now you’ll really see Bjorn as I had always intended him to be.”

Ludwig went on to explain that Bjorn is no longer a boy. “He’s really become a man. You start seeing his father seek out his help as opposed to the [other way around]. He’s very much a part of the team as opposed to the new rookie so it’s going to be a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait for the fans to see this growth," he stated.

Ludwig concluded by revealing his excitement for Season 3, even teasing a little bit about the finale episode. “The end of the season is insane I can’t wait to see everybody’s reaction.”

“Vikings” will air its Season 3 premiere episode, “Mercenary,” on Thursday, Feb. 19, at 10 p.m. EST.