The “Vikings” will raid our homes once again when the History Channel series returns in 2015. And although the premiere date hasn't been released yet, we do have some Season 3 scoop that will quench your thirst for spoilers.

TV Guide revealed that viewers will see a few new faces when the third season of “Vikings” airs – and according to reports, two new characters will become major players.

One of the key characters coming to Kattegatt will be a “possibly magic” one named Harbard. The newcomer will make quite the impression on Siggy, Aslaug and Helga while their husbands are on a raid. We hope Harbard does have something mystical up his sleeve to save himself when the three angry Vikings come home to their smitten wives. Didn’t Harbard hear the stories of the fearsome and vicious Ragnar Lothbrok?

Another new Viking added to the thrilling storyline will be Kalf, “a trusted second-in-command” character to Lagertha. He will take the place of the Earl when she accompanies Ragnar on raids. But according to TV Guide, Lagertha may have underestimated Kalf’s leadership when he quickly makes a name for himself in the village. Rumor has it that Kalf will be a Viking to look out for in seasons to come.

The role will be portrayed by the British actor Ben Robson, who appeared in the film “Dracula: The Dark Prince.”

“Hey, @HistoryVikings fans! Give a warm welcome and a follow to @RobboBen, who’s joining the cast… #Vikings #Vikings3,” Alyssa Sutherland tweeted to her hearty group of followers.

It looks like Aslaug has her sights set on more than just the mystical, magical Harbard. Who thinks Ragnar should be worried?

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