vikings season 2 finale recap
Recap the Season 2 finale of "Vikings" before the Season 3 premiere episode airs Thursday, Feb. 19. History Channel

The day has finally arrived, my dear warriors, when everyone’s favorite fighters from “Vikings” will pick up their shields and swords to raid once again. But before we dive into the exciting Season 3 story line of the hit History Channel series, why don’t we recap where we left off when the Season 2 finale concluded?

Episode 10 of the second installment, “The Lord’s Prayer,” kicked off with Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) and Helga (Maude Hirst) welcoming their newborn daughter into the world. In celebration of their child’s birth, Floki had given her the name Angrboða, which confused his wife because Angrboða was considered an evil immortal figure.

“She was a great giantess, Helga,” Floki replied, defending the chosen name. Floki then instructed his wife to take their child and leave Kattegat. According to the shipbuilder, something was about to occur in the village -- and it didn’t look like he wanted his family around to get caught in the crossfire.

Helga obliged and left. However, as she fled the village someone new arrived: King Horik’s (Donal Logue) family. The King then introduced his wife and children to Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), adding that together the two could conquer the world.

The village celebrated the arrival of Horik’s family by hosting a feast. But it was during the festivity that things turned sour. After a night of consumption, Horik approached Floki with an opportunity. He told the drunk carpenter that in order to prove his loyalty, Floki would need to kill someone “with importance.” It was during this scene that viewers began to question if Floki was really going to betray Ragnar for the King.

Following Horik and Floki’s suspicious talk, it was revealed that Torstein (Jefferson Hall) had been murdered.

“Now I know I can trust you,” King Horik quietly said to the alleged killer.

“So, what is your plan?” Floki pried after following Horik’s orders.

“I will kill them all. Ragnar, and Lagertha (Kathryn Winnick), Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and all their bastard children,” Horik menacingly admitted.

Floki wasn’t the only person Horik tried to manipulate in the Season 2 finale. He also offered Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig) a position of power if she were to kill Ragnar’s youngest sons. “I will marry you. I will take a second [wife]. I will make you a queen. You will rule again as you once did,” he promised her as he slipped a knife into her hand.

That’s when Horik’s army arrived to begin the attack against Kattegat. Even Horik’s fearless wife joined in on the slaughtering -- that is, until Lagertha intervened, killing Horik’s queen.

Unaware of his families demise, Horik arrived to the Great Hall only to find Torstein alive. Did Floki dupe him?

“Floki, you have betrayed the Gods,” King Horik said to the trickster.

“No, King Horik. I only betrayed you. I was always true to the Gods and Ragnar,” Floki responded.

That’s when Ragnar appeared to confront Horik for his treacherous ways. After sparing the life of Horik’s son, Ragnar forced the boy to watch his father’s death, which included getting stabbed by the Lothbrok family then getting headbutted to death by the Earl.

The Season 2 finale ended with a blood bath and a new king.

“Vikings” will air its Season 3 premiere on Thursday, Feb. 19, at 10 p.m. EST on the History channel.