“Vikings” fans have to wait until the fall to catch the second half of Season 4, but the actors of the hit History Channel series are giving audiences an early peek at what they can expect in the upcoming installment.

While filming the forthcoming episodes, several of the show’s cast members have taken behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the sets, the impending battles and the stylish wardrobe. But Katheryn Winnick, who portrays the fan favorite character Lagertha, snapped a image teasing the lack of clothing that the Earl of Hedeby will wear come Season 4B.

“When the production team tries to give you a subtle hint,” the actress captioned an image of herself holding up a packet of Mark and Spencer nipple covers. The accessories are used when one wants to go braless without having their nipple exposed underneath an ensemble. Seems like the newly single Lagertha will be sporting a much freer style during the second half of Season 4.

But fans won’t just be gushing over Lagertha’s transparent Season 4 look. According to the show’s stylist Dee Corcoran, audiences will also go gaga over the shieldmaiden’s hair.

“This season you’ll see [Lagertha] with little pieces of Celtic metal [in her hair] when she’s going to battle, which looks fabulous on her,” the stylist told International Business Times, teasing that the ex-wife of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) would undergo a major hair transformation.

The actress gave “Vikings” viewers a glimpse of that new do when she posted a photo of her from the set. The picture showed Winnick “trying to look like a bada-- warrior” as a fire was set ablaze next to her. The behind-the-scenes image also teased Lagertha’s new look, which consisted of a half up style with a loosely braided topknot. Looks like in addition to Season 4B being a blood-soaked, it’ll also be drenched in style!

“Vikings” will return with the second half of Season 4 this fall on History Channel.