Put down the swords and battleaxes, “Vikings” fans, because our favorite Northmen are just going on a bit of a hiatus.

After giving fans a brutal and bloody midseason finale, the History Channel series will take a lengthy break, starting April 28, before returning with the second half of Season 4 in the fall. Although a premiere date for the remaining 10 episodes has not been released by the network, Michael Hirst, creator of the “Vikings” series, teased that the coming episodes are going to be some of the show’s best yet.

“Some of my best work and Travis’ [Fimmel] work comes in the next half of the season,” the showrunner dished to the Hollywood Reporter, telling fans that if think they’ve seen “stuff from Travis,” who portrays King Ragnar Lothbrok, they haven’t.

In the midseason finale of “Vikings,” audiences witnessed a major time jump revealing that Ragnar had vanished from Kattegat following his defeat in Paris. But in the final scene of the finale, he returns home — and he isn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms by his people, his wife or his sons.

“Ragnar’s come back for a purpose,” Hirst explained to Entertainment Weekly. “He has to fulfill that purpose, and he does fulfill that purpose.” Hirst elaborated, stating that Ragnar’s mission in life will play a “big part of the narrative” come the second half of Season 4.

“Ragnar’s story is nowhere near the end,” Hirst teased the Norwegian king’s fate to the Hollywood Reporter. “Nowhere near the end, and it’s just an amazing, onward story. It may be the story of the rise and fall of a hero.”

Ragnar’s return will cause major drama within the Lothbrok family. While some of Ragnar’s sons are “implacably p----- off” with their father and his betrayal, others accept their dad’s return — like Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen). It appears that Ragnar will take Ivar under his wing come Season 4 to turn his boy into the most feared Viking of all.

“Vikings” will return with the second half of Season 4 in the fall.