Lindsay Lohan's father, who was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Tampa, has been denied bail by the courts.

Michael Lohan, 51, was arrested on domestic violence charges on Tuesday and later re-arrested on Thursday, following his failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of his release.

According to an Associated Press report, his bail was initially set at $5,000. In addition, the judge warned him against making any contact with his on-and-off live-in girlfriend.

The report, however, says that Michael violated the terms and conditions of his bail by making a harassing phone call to his girlfriend, Kate Major.

Kate reportedly complained to the Tampa Police Department that he (Michael Lohan) violated terms of his release from jail earlier this week by calling her, the police confirmed in a statement.

Trying to re-escape arrest, he jumped a third-floor balcony but was immediately caught by the police and taken back into custody after treatment for minor wounds at a hospital.

Lohan is not expected to be released from Tampa General Hospital Thursday and has been admitted for overnight observation, Andrea Davis, the police spokesman was quoted as saying, in a CNN report.