A short YouTube video of a child praying for President Obama has drawn a huge backlash in the Christian community online over concern that the child is actually praying to Obama as a false god.

In the video, posted by Regina Young on Sunday, a young African-American boy recites a minute-long prayer praising Barack Obama. Since the video was posted, it has earned more than half a million hits and nearly 3,000 dislikes, making it one of the most hated YouTube videos of the week.

"Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff. Thank you for all the stuff that you helped us with. Thank you for taking the courage and responsibility for everything you've done for us. God has given you a special power and you are going to handle it just fine. You are good, Barack Obama and you are great and when you get older, you will be able to do great things. Love, Stephen," the boy prays.

Not long after the video was posted, angry commenters began attacking the boy for seemingly praying to President Obama as a deity rather than praying to God directly. Religious outrage grew on sites like the Christian Post, where commenters attacked the boy’s theological choices. “What kind of parent would allow their child to blaspheme God,” wrote Fox Radio host Todd Starnes.

Many criticisms levied against the video uncomfortably bring up race, insinuating that one child’s possibly confused prayer represents the theological beliefs of African Americans across America. The Christian Post article makes several mentions of “Obama replacing Christ among blacks,” while bringing up suggestions that “African Americans view Obama as a higher being than a human.”

Many commenters on YouTube and other sites seem to be using the young boy’s prayer to make attacks on African-American culture.

"Let's clear this up. The child is not praying to God. He is praying to Obama. He may be confused or just trying to please his parent (or whoever is filming him). However, you will not find one black who would argue or question this," said a commentator Todd Starnes' post.