As NBC’s “The Voice” prepares for its Season 10 live rounds, it temporarily bids farewell to its key adviser, Miley Cyrus, which may be a relief to one coach. With the panel to be shaken up in Season 11, it appears that longtime participant Adam Levine might have an additional rival after the conclusion of the current run of the series.

According to E Online, the Maroon 5 frontman and the “Wrecking  Ball” singer experienced a bit of backstage friction. Cyrus acted as the celebrity guest adviser of all four teams during the highly competitive knockout rounds in Season 10, when she apparently rubbed Levine the wrong way. The issue between the two performers purportedly centered on their cocky attitudes and the perceived lack of respect that the newbie showed the seasoned veteran. For those unfamiliar with “The Voice,” Levine has been a staple on the show since Season 1, and some have speculated that Cyrus’ big personality didn’t fit well in his house.

“They both have short attention spans,” an anonymous source told Us Weekly. “They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

The media outlet went on the describe how Cyrus, who has roots in country music, got along much better with Levine’s on-screen rival, Blake Shelton. Some of the fun on “The Voice” is seeing which of the two get bragging rights as their contestants move toward the finish line. Shelton has the most victories of any coach in the series’ history, but after his big win with Jordan Smith in Season 9, Levine could tie him with a winning artist in Season 10.

If there really is friction between Cyrus and Levine, that could spell trouble for Team Adam in Season 11. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the coaches panel will get a makeover after the exits of current members Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. To replace them in the middle chairs, NBC has tapped Cyrus and Alicia Keys. While there’s no reported beef between Keys and anybody else, it looks like Levine and his team will be competing for supremacy against both Shelton and Cyrus, as they both seem pretty motivated to ally themselves to one-up their common rival.

Of course, the nature of “The Voice” competition encourages each judge to act in his or her self-interest, so there’s very little danger of Shelton and Cyrus ganging up on Levine and leading his team to lose during Season 11. Instead, the team-up may just be limited to snide remarks back and forth during the live shows.

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