Volkswagen of America Inc. is the greenest automaker according to a survey released on Monday, which ranked the Golf, Jetta and the new Beetle as the lowest emission-releasing vehicles.

The Alternative Powertrain Study, conducted by J.D Power and Associates, combined US Environmental Protection Agency Data and various consumer responses in order to survey the top 37 brands. The study included gasoline, diesel and hybrid powered cars. The vehicles were tested on a range of environmental factors, including fuel economy, emissions and air quality. Volkswagen topped the list as being the most environmentally friendly car.

“The 'Alternative Powertrain Study' is testament to our intensive and global commitment in the area of economic engines. And this innovative strength continues to have an impact, via our range of TDI vehicles,” said Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, chairman of Volkswagen.

According to the survey, Volkswagen and its products are strong performers in the diesel arena. Volkswagen of America Inc. is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and has currently more than 600 independent dealers in the US. The German automaker producers the Jetta TDI, the industry's top selling diesel vehicle.