“W – Two Worlds” episode 12 will bring Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) face-to-face with the killer (Kim Eui Sung).

In the teaser for “W” episode 12, Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) and Kang Chul once again head to the real world. While there, Kang Chul tells Yeon Joo that he wants to be a normal couple and go on dates. But trouble follows them even in this world, and the killer once again makes an appearance through Yeon Joo’s dad’s drawing tablet.

Based on the “W” episode 12 teaser, the next episode promises to be a mix of sweet moments between the two leads and some intense action between Kang Chul and the killer who stole Yeon Joo’s father’s face.

In “W” episode 11, Oh Yeon Joo’s managed to save Kang Chul’s life by hiding him from the police and camouflaging his car. While she was in the process of drawing medical supplies and writing instructions for Kang Chul on how to get rid of the bullet still lodged in his side, the killer suddenly appeared on the drawing tablet. He tried to choke her to death, but she managed to escape by turning off the power of the tablet.

She soon found herself back to the world of “W” and right in the middle of Assemblyman Han’s (Park Won Sang) office. He had been looking for Kang Chul’s accomplice Oh Yeon Joo, whom he only knew by name but not by face, and she attempted to sneak out without being discovered. However, he caught sight of her just as she was about to open the door, so Yeon Joo dashed out of the office.

When she went back to the hotel where she had left Kang Chul, he was no longer there, so she headed to his penthouse instead. There, she talked to Do Yoon, and he gave her an address and told her to meet up with his boss who has been looking for her all this time. Yeon Joo followed Do Yoon’s instructions and waited for Kang Chul at a bus stop.

After they reunited, Kang Chul drove them to the marketplace, where he then asked Yeon Joo to pick some clothes. He then treated her to some ice cream, the two went grocery shopping afterward. They headed back to Kang Chul’s hideaway after getting groceries, and he then offered to cook for her. It wasn’t until Kang Chul mentioned cooking that she noticed they have been doing the couple activities she marked in their sweet romance book.

Kang Chul then revealed that he had read about the dates she and her husband talked about in the “W” comic book she left behind. “W” episode 11 ended with Kang Chul asking Yeon Joo if he and the husband she was looking for were one and the same person.

Find out if Yeon Joo will tell Kang Chul the truth when “W – Two Worlds” episode 12 airs Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. EDT on MBC. Meanwhile, watch the teaser for the next episode of “W” below!