Have you been wondering what the “Walking Dead” would look like if the gang encountered a giant snow storm in winter? Well, you’re going to have to keep on waiting because a report that the hit AMC series would be shooting in a Maine snowstorm is false.

The “Walking Dead” hoax sprung up on Sunday, Nov. 17 when a “comedy blogger” posted a story called “The Walking Dead To Film Live Episode In Maine.” The article, which was picked up by numerous outlets, claimed that the zombie series was going to film one episode in Maine and “focus on a small group that gets lost during a snowstorm and must fight both the elements and the Walkers to make it back to the prison.”

The blog, “The Return of the Modern Philosopher,”  made no note to zombie fans that the piece on “The Walking Dead” was meant to be funny. There were obvious clues that it was a hoax, however, and that the AMC series wouldn't be moving production from Georgia to Maine:

“Live Episode”

The blog post claimed that the series would be filming a “live episode.” While “Talking Dead,” a talk show in which host Chris Hardwick discusses episodes of the TV series with guests is aired live, no TV drama can ever air a “live episode.”

The Title

The blogger wrote that “Snow Falling On Zombies” was the title of the episode, which should have been the most-obvious clue to “Walking Dead” fans.

Zombies Aren't Real

Part of the reported “live episode” element was for AMC to film with live zombies. SPOILER ALERT: Live zombies aren't real.

“The Return of the Modern Philosopher” somehow managed to confuse fans and get Georgia residents riled up -- and this isn't the first time that the blog caused mass chaos with a false post. In January, it claimed that the hit CBS' reality-TV  “Survivor” was shooting in Maine over the winter.

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