“Walking Dead” viewers were left in shock when episode 5 of the hit AMC series concluded with a peek at an old threat – The Governor, who's been missing since the season 3 finale. We’re breaking down what fans can expect from David Morrissey’s character, as well as theories regarding Carol’s role.

The last time the Governor was on screen, he had fully snapped and murdered his entire “army” except for his two sidekick soldiers – Shumpert and Martinez. With his attack on the prison a failure, the Governor drove off with the two men, disappearing until episode 5, “Internment.”

Standing in the shadows of the woods surrounding the prison, the Governor marks a new threat racking up against Rick’s group. But where has he been? And what does he plan to do to the survivors?

According to showrunner Scott Gimple, flashbacks will be filling in the blanks of what happened to the Governor after he slaughtered his townspeople. “He did something very pronounced at the end of the season that defines him a certain way that affected him a great deal,” Gimple told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s changed him a great deal.” But has it changed him for the worse or the better? Initially the Governor had a plan and hope for Woodbury. And while he certainly wasn’t a saint (think beheading the helicopter pilot), he was definitely a different man prior to Michonne killing his walker daughter, Penny.

“It’s like a red mist has descended on him, and I think what we’ll see in the coming episodes is someone who is coming to terms with that new person that we saw at the end of season 3 — whether he’s embracing that person or fighting that person,” David Morrissey told EW of his character. “That is what we will see. He’s changed. He’s definitely changed. That is fair to say. And what we will see is where that change has taken him.”

The Governor’s return (whether it be in peace or prepping for war) comes at a tough time for the prison thanks to a fence breach, the deadly flu and Carol’s betrayal. With limited weapons and able bodies, the survivors may find themselves unable to handle a new threat. And the Governor’s arrival so soon after Carol’s departure has made numerous “Walking Dead” fans suspicious.

Since the cast and crew of the hit AMC series are keeping such a tight lid on spoilers regarding the Governor, fans have developed numerous theories connecting him and Carol:

Carol Joins The Governor’s Group

Carol has definitely evolved from a weak woman in a violent relationship into a woman that will do anything to survive – including burning two fellow survivors that pose a threat. While Carol killing Karen and David can be considered a betrayal, she did it with the safety of the prison in mind. But after being thrown out of the prison by Rick, it’s possible that Carol may want revenge on the group of people she was looking out for.

One theory is that Carol will run into another band of survivors and join their group. Since she never met the Governor, Carol could potentially find him and not realize what a threat he is. Or Carol could possibly not care about the threat he poses.

The Governor Tortures Carol

The Governor tortured Glenn, Maggie, Milton and Andrea … so why not Carol? Always the charmer, the Governor could have found Carol driving on the road and offered her shelter. If she disclosed that she had been staying at the prison, the Governor could have used the same tactics he did on the other prison survivors in an attempt to find out how to get in and what kind of supplies they have.

Carol Rescues The Prison From The Governor

Where does one go in a zombie apocalypse? Although Rick left Carol with a car and supplies, it’s definitely not easy traveling alone. Since the group found threats at every corner outside the prison walls, one theory is that Carol will be staying in the woods nearby so that she can keep an eye on everything.

Hidden away in the trees, Carol might catch the Governor trying to break in or set a trap. The idea is that if Carol is able to save the prison group they might let her back in.

The Group Flees The Prison … And Finds Carol

The prison may have been a safe haven at the beginning of the season, but viewers fear that they’ll eventually be forced to go on the run again. A fan theory circulating is that while on the run, Rick and the others will stumble across another survivor camp. When they ask to speak to the leader of the group, it turns out to be Carol.

What do you think will happen? What would you like to happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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