Anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. Or at least, that’s the motto for the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” Seriously, every time things start looking up for our favorite zombie-slaying friends, disaster strikes. From the spread of deadly diseases to scorned, head-chopping Governors, it’s been hard for the characters of “The Walking Dead” to take a breath.

And according to the synopsis of Episode 15, “Us,” it looks like Maggie, Glenn, Rick and the rest of the gang will be holding theirs for just a little while longer. The official synopsis hasn’t confirmed that the groups will reconnect in “Us,” but we do know that the survivors will be forced to rely on faith and brutality as they search for safety at The Terminus.

The Terminus has promised “sanctuary and community for all,” that everyone who arrives will survive. Sounds like a dream come true for the folks who’ve been wandering around the woods sleeping with one eye open. But is it really?

The Terminus leaves us feeling a bit suspicious, and if you’ve read “The Walking Dead” comics, you know why. According to the graphic novels, now is around the time that the survivors of the zombie apocalypse will encounter yet another evil entity: cannibals.

As if survivors didn’t have enough to worry about with flesh-eating dead chasing them down, now they have to watch their backs for hungry humans? We could totally picture cannibals putting up signs to lure humans into their trap. But could skin eaters, referred to as “The Hunters,” really be the ones residing in The Terminus?

Walking dead season 4 spoilers Carol mourns the death of Mika in episode 10, "Us." Find out what else will happen in "The Walking Dead." Photo: The Walking Dead

"We should always be concerned that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is,” Lauren Cohan said. “This is way too big for any of us to ignore that train tracks leading to something that could be a sanctuary."

With The Terminus being their only hope of reuniting, it looks like the groups will be putting doubt out of their mind as they each arrive to the supposed refuge.

"This group has been so blinded, and now we have this rope to hang on to with the train tracks," Steven Yeun teased. "[The Terminus] might be a bad idea, but we have no other option." 

Want more details for the upcoming episode of “The Walking Dead”? Check out the sneak peek for episode 15 below:

In the promotional trailer, we see Tara and Abraham keeping watch over the group while they sleep. As they keep an eye out for walkers, the two delve into the interesting topic of Tara’s sexuality.

“You need to get some sleep,” Abe says to Tara. “I haven’t seen you do it yet. I thought it was because you were in love with [Glenn]. Girl in love with the guy she’s trying to help get to his girl. And if that were the case closing your eyes would be too damn tragic.”

Tara mocks the idea.

“I saw the way you were looking down Rosita’s shirt while she was serving you dinner. Hey, the things are damn near hypnotic,” he quipped, making light of the comment.

The last thing we hear is Tara apologizing.

From the promotional pictures of episode 10, we can tell that several of the groups will be featured in "Us," which leads us to believe that we can expect a survivor reunion in the episode. What do you think will happen? Leave a comment below to let us know your predictions and don't forget to tune into episode 15 when it airs on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m.