Some “Walking Dead” fans may have been disappointed after episode 6, “Live Bait,” but spoilers for episode 7 hint that the action will return on Sunday.

According to a leaked synopsis for episode 7, “Dead Weight,” viewers will continue to explore life outside Rick’s group at the prison. “Something new” will unfold at a camp (presumably Martinez’ new batch of survivors) and “the addition of new members may threaten peace.”

It's a pretty skimpy synopsis, but promos and sneak peek video footage from “Dead Weight” reveal a little more of the drama that lies ahead. Check out four spoilers to know before episode 7:

The Governor Gets A New Nickname

After meeting Megan, Tara and Lily, the Governor was able to create a new identity, Brian Heriot, after gunning down his Woodbury army and being abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert. Unfortunately for the Governor, his past caught back up to him when he ran back into Martinez. It’s unclear if Martinez will expose the Governor’s evil doings to Megan, Tara and Lily, but “Brian” does get a new nickname with Martinez’ group … One-Eye Bry.

A New Enemy?

Walking through the woods with Martinez and his men, the Governor comes across a grisly sight – the body of a man tied to a tree with his head missing. But it doesn’t appear as if the man was tied up as an act of prevention after being bit or scratched. A note that says “LIAR” nailed to his chest, making it seem he was tied up and beheaded as a punishment.

Martinez’ Tactics

While Martinez might be the leader of the new group, he seems to be practicing the same vicious techniques as the Governor did in Woodbury. Coming across another batch of survivors in the woods, they plan on stealing from their supplies instead of joining forces or helping.

Click HERE to watch a sneak peek of episode 7 on SpoilerTV.

Episode 7, “Dead Weight,” will air on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST. What do you think will happen on “The Walking Dead”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.