The prison crew on “The Walking Dead” had it easy for a little while until the Governor came along. And while the Governor may have been killed, episode 11 showed viewers that there are still a lot of bad men lingering outside the walls.

“Claimed” focused on two groups of survivors -- Rick, Michonne and Carl; and Glenn, Tara, Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Dr. Eugene Porter.

Glenn, Tara, Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa And Dr. Eugene Porter

With Glenn knocked unconscious, Tara makes the decision to hop in the truck with Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Dr. Eugene Porter. Tara’s decision is based on the fact that they were unsafe out on the road -- but needless to say Glenn doesn’t want to be with Abraham’s group. Learning that they passed the school bus around three hours ago (and that the people on board were all dead), Glenn forces Abraham to pull over.

Taking his things and starting to walk back toward the bus, Abraham argues that they are on a mission of “special nature” and that they need each other to survive. But Glenn’s still not biting.

“Believe it or not the fate of the entire damn human race might depend on it,” Abraham tries to convince Glenn. According to the newcomer, they are on a mission to get Dr. Eugene to Washington, D.C., because he knows exactly how the zombie apocalypse started. Eugene has supposedly been using a radio to contact some people in Washington, but lost contact with them a couple weeks ago. If they get Eugene safely to Washington, Abraham believes that they might have a chance to “fix the whole d*** world.”

Glenn asks what happened, but Eugene’s response is that “it’s classified.” “We could use your help,” Abraham tries one more time. But Glenn is set on finding Maggie.

“There is zero chance you will ever find your wife alive or dead,” Abraham tells him. “She’s gone … no need for you to die too.”

But that’s the last thing that Abraham should have said to Glenn. Putting down his bag of supplies, Glenn turns around and punches Abraham in the face. The two get into a scuffle and while the two women try to break them up, a hoard of zombies begin to walk out of a cornfield.

With everyone distracted, Eugene pulls out a machine gun and begins to carelessly fire away at the zombies. The gunfire stops Glenn and Abraham in their tracks and the pair run to help Eugene. But when they manage to kill all the walkers, Abraham realizes that Eugene managed to also kill the truck they were using.

Glenn and Tara return the weapons to Abraham’s crew and begin to head back toward the bus -- but they aren’t alone. Since the truck is out of commission, Rosita decides to follow them. Abraham wants the mission to stay on course, but Eugene decides to follow Rosita, Glenn and Tara. “Trust me, I’m smarter than you,” Eugene tells Abraham.

Rick, Michonne And Carl

Tension was high between Carl and Rick last time viewers left them, but with Michonne back in the picture, the pair seems to be moving on. Knowing that Rick needs time to heal physically and emotionally, Michonne leaves Rick at the house and takes Carl on a supply run.

Exploring homes for food and weapons, Michonne realizes that Carl is grieving the loss of Judith (SPOILER ALERT: Judith is alive) -- and decides to open up about her past.

“Toddlers find me funny,” she tells Carl after failing to make him laugh. “I had a 3-year-old son and he happened to find me extremely funny.”

Michonne’s reveal leads Carl to begin asking about her life pre-apocalypse, and she begins to answer one question at a time as they search for supplies. Turns out that Michonne only had one child named Andre Anthony, and that he was a “handful” like Carl. Michonne explains that Andre passed away “after everything happened,” and that she never told anyone about him until now.

“Your secret is safe with me,” Carl tells her. But Michonne says that it’s not really a secret.

The pair continues exploring and Michonne discovers a child’s room with the mummified remains of the family that used to live in the home. Hiding the gruesome discovery from Carl, Michonne tells him that there is no dead baby inside, but instead a dead dog. “My dad let me name her,” Carl says, opening up to her about Judith. “Maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.”

Michonne smiles at the thought, and the pair begin to head back to Rick with their new supplies.

As Carl and Michonne continue to gather supplies, Rick takes a nap in a bedroom upstairs -- and wakes up to male voices downstairs. Realizing that these men are dangerous, Rick manages to hide under the bed before anyone comes upstairs. But unfortunately the intruder decides to take a nap on the bed that Rick is hiding under.

When he's about to try to sneak out from underneath the bed, Rick is forced to remain hiding when another intruder comes upstairs. The two intruders get into a fight over the bed, and one man falls to the floor and spots Rick underneath. However, luck was on Rick’s side because the man was knocked unconscious before he could tell anyone about Rick. With the second intruder now taking a nap on the bed, Rick waits for him to fall asleep before crawling out and running into another room.

While trying to escape through a window, Rick overhears the men and realizes that they discovered that a woman was staying at the house. Desperate to save Michonne and Carl from the new bad guys, Rick runs into the bathroom of the house to find another way to escape. But instead of an escape, Rick comes across another intruder. Rick manages to choke the man to death and steal his weapon. Opening up the window in the bathroom, Rick cracks the bathroom door and climbs out onto the roof. Managing to escape onto the ground, Rick is stopped in his tracks when another intruder comes outside. While the intruder doesn’t spot Rick, Rick spies Michonne and Carl in the distance. Ready to kill the man in order to protect the pair, Rick manages to dodge a bullet when the other man he killed turns into a walker and begins to attack the other intruders.

With the intruders inside fighting off the walker, Rick runs to Carl and Michonne … running away from their former safe house.

Supplies in hand, the trio makes it to the railroad that Tyreese’s group was on in episode 10. It’s there that they spot a banner -- “Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those that arrive, survive.” “What do you think?” Michonne asks. “Let’s go,” Rick responds.