The 10th episode of “The Walking Dead” was pretty explosive. Besides catching up with all of our former prison survivors, the AMC series introduced some new faces -- and new places.

Since the beginning of season 4, fans have been teased with a place known as “Sanctuary.” “Those that arrive, survive,” boasted a cryptic radio message heard by Michonne, Bob, Tyreese and Daryl. Amid the chaos of being chased by walkers, getting medicine for the ill and being attacked by the Governor, it seemed as if the survivors forgot about the message of hope. However the “Sanctuary” reappeared in episode 10 -- this time with a name: Terminus.

Episode 10, “Inmates,” found Tyreese roaming through the woods with baby Judith, Lizzie and Mika. The fall of the prison placed the four survivors in a dangerous situation without shelter and more bodies for protection. Fortunately, Carol was able to track Tyreese and the three kids, and together they learned of a safe haven slightly ahead of them.

“There’s a place up the tracks,” an older man who had just been bitten by a walker revealed. “It’s safe. You can take the children there. Trust me. Please, follow the tracks.”

Deciding to trust the man, the group makes their way down the railroad tracks and discovers an archway with a map attached to it. The map has the words “Terminus” scrawled across it, and a sign next to it reads, “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those that arrive, survive.”

Is this new place a true sanctuary? Or has the group stumbled across a location more dangerous than Woodbury? “Walking Dead” fans will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, we can dig into the “Sanctuary” or “Terminus.”

The History Of Atlanta …

Did you know that Atlanta used to be called “Terminus”? In 1837, the area in downtown Atlanta called Five Points was the location of a railroad terminus connecting Georgia with Chattanooga, Tenn. The location was called Terminus until being renamed “Marthasville” in 1843 after Gov. Wilson Lumpkin’s daughter, Martha.

In The Comics …

sanctuary The "Sanctuary" in "The Walking Dead" comics. Photo: Creative Commons

The Walking Dead” doesn’t always follow the comics, but Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels do include a “Sanctuary.” In the comics, the Sanctuary is actually a large factory with a chain-link fence. And while the TV show might call it “Terminus,” the books refer to it as “The Saviors’ Base.” For those unfamiliar with the comics, the Saviors are a “ruthless” group led by a man who named Negan -- who is supposedly worse than the Governor. They use violence and fear to take control of the other communities but offer “protection.”