Walking Dead Episode 10 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: Gene Page/AMC

The midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead” focused on Rick and Carl reuniting with Michonne. Fans were left wondering how the other members of the prison made out after the Governor’s attack …and episode 10 on Sunday gave viewers that update.

Team Daryl And Beth

Daryl and Beth escaped the prison on foot. While Beth is optimistic about finding other survivors, Daryl doesn’t share her hope. But when Beth threatens to go on her own to track, Daryl agrees to follow along.

Daryl finds some footprints (from about four to five hours previously), which gives Beth hope that some of her friends are out in the woods with them. But the movement of the prints shows that a struggle took place and that the people were forced to take off in a rush. Following the footprints to a railroad track, the pair spot a handful of walkers feeding on fresh meat – which causes Beth to break down in tears and lose hope.

Team Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika … And Baby Judith

It turns out that the footprints that Daryl and Beth found belong to Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and … baby Judith! Fortunately the kids were able to grab baby Judith’s diaper bag before fleeing the prison, but they still have to struggle with baby Judith crying and attracting walkers. Tyreese promises the girls that they’ll find a safe place soon, but Lizzie is getting fed up with Judith’s zombie call.

In the woods and on the run, Tyreese hears some human screams. Telling Lizzie and Mika to watch Judith, Tyreese runs to help the others … despite Mika begging him not to leave them.

Tyreese comes across the railroad tracks and finds a handful of walkers attacking some humans. But the humans aren’t prison survivors. As he attempts to fight off the zombies, Lizzie is becoming extremely frustrated with Judith’s crying. When Mika tells her to do something, Lizzie puts her hand over Judith’s mouth. But the look in her eyes makes it seem like she’s not trying to shush the baby … but instead suffocate her.

Either way, some more walkers find the girls – forcing Mika to fire her gun. Tyreese hears the gun go off, but before he can make it back to the girls they appear at the train tracks … with Carol.

Team Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, Baby Judith … AND Carol

Tyreese is so overjoyed to see Carol that he hugs her. And while the humans that Tyreese tried to help ended up getting bit, one was able to give them a piece of important information: Sanctuary.

“There’s a place up the tracks,” a man tells them. “It’s safe. You can take the children there. Trust me. Please, follow the tracks.”

The group decides to follow the railroad tracks, and Carol realizes that Rick never told Tyreese about Karen. Carol comes up with a story that she hadn’t gotten back from a run with Rick, explaining that she was looking for supplies and saw the end of the Governor’s attack.

Tyreese buys Carol’s story, and together they find a sign for “Terminus.” “Sanctuary for all. Community for all,” reads the sign. “Those that arrive survive.”

Team Maggie, Sasha And Bob

Maggie’s out on the road with Sasha and an injured Bob. Sasha wants to set up camp and find supplies, food and shelter, but Maggie has other plans – plans to find Glenn. Sasha initially doesn’t want to go, but a smiling Bob argues that they can’t split up.

The trio find the bus in the middle of the road. But the bus isn’t abandoned. In fact, the prison people who escaped are still on it … except they are all now walkers. Desperate to know if Glenn is dead, Maggie begins to kill the walkers one by one. Killing them all and not finding Glenn, Maggie begins to laugh and cry on the bus.

Team Glenn

Glenn is alive – despite not being on the bus! Turns out that Glenn ran off the bus before it left to chase after Maggie. But he somehow ended up getting knocked unconscious and wakes up abandoned at the prison.

Fortunately Glenn’s able to get back into a walker-free C Block, where he gathers supplies, including the riot gear, food, weapons, a photo of Maggie and Hershel’s pocket watch. With his riot gear on, Glenn decides that the only way to find Maggie is to run through the walkers swarming the prison. But before he can make it to the fence, Glenn realizes that he’s not the only one still alive.

Team Glenn … And Tara

Tara, the sister of the Governors fling, Lily, has locked herself behind a fence. However, she’s in no mood to fight. Finding her to be in haze, Glenn pulls the gun out of her hand and discovers that she never fired a shot.

Coming clean to him about being a part of the destruction, Glenn tells Tara that he knows and that he still needs her help. Handing her back her gun, the two make a plan to escape the prison – and succeed! Making it to the road that Maggie, Sasha and Bob were on, Tara reveals what happened in the Governor’s fight. Telling Glenn that she trusted Brian, she continues to explain that he killed “that old man” and that her sister was swarmed in the field. Glenn’s shocked to hear about Hershel’s death, and Tara apologizes -- asking him why he would want her help. But Glenn tells her that he doesn’t want her help … he needs her help to find Maggie.

Unfortunately Glenn and Tara aren’t in the clear yet. Some walkers from the prison followed them to the road, and a still sick Glenn collapses after fighting a couple off. Tara steps in to save the day, and a mysterious truck pulls up to watch her kill the last walker. Cursing at the truck’s occupants, “Walking Dead” viewers were in for one final shocker when the people exited the car.

“You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?” a man tells Tara. “What else you got on you?” So, who were the newcomers? None other than “Walking Dead” comic books characters Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa.

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