Two episodes remain in Season 4 of “The Walking Dead,” and Robert Kirkman has managed to keep us further on the edge of our seats then ever before — especially with the shocking ending of episode 15, “Us.”

From a tunnel full of hungry walkers to a sanctuary finally found, we’re recapping what went down during tonight’s thrilling episode of “Walking Dead.” So, if you haven’t seen episode 15 yet, you may want to stop reading now.

“Us” began its creepy episode with the sneak peek clip that was leaked to fans before the airing of episode 15. You know the one we’re talking about, right? It’s the heart-to-heart between Tara and Abraham while the two are keeping watch over their sleeping group.

“You need to get some sleep,” Abe says to Tara. “I haven’t seen you do it yet. I thought it was because you were in love with [Glenn]. Girl in love with the guy she’s trying to help get to his girl. And if that were the case closing your eyes would be too damn tragic.”

Abe then reveals he knows Tara is a lesbian. So, why is Tara willing to risk her life for Glenn to reunite with his wife? Well, we find out later down the line that Tara holds a heavy heart over what happened at the prison. But will her guilt end up getting her killed? Tara is willing to bend over backwards for Glenn in episode 15, even if that means hiking through zombie-stuffed mountains with a hurt leg. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

As Glenn and his group continue their trek to safety, Maggie’s husband spots a sign written to him in zombie blood telling him to go to Terminus. Terminus, as we all know, is the sanctuary being advertised all throughout the woods. Glenn starts sprinting down the railroad as his group trails behind. But eventually, they grow tired of hustling down the tracks.

Abe orders that the group take a break. But Glenn is so determined to see his wife that he’s willing to go off on his own rather than take a moment to rest. That’s when we learn that Tara, who is currently sporting a hurt leg after dodging a falling walker, thinks she owes Glenn for the massacre at the prison and feels as if she’s paying some sort of a debt by helping him.

But Tara isn’t the only one feeling guilty during episode 15. Daryl is also experiencing feelings of remorse for Beth's kidnapping and winds up almost stabbing a member of his new group when Len insults the missing girl. After getting into a scuffle over “claiming,” a member of Daryl’s current crew starts talking trash about his former “piece.” Joe steps in at the right moment, calming Daryl down and explaining to him to rules of the group.

“There are no rules anymore,” Daryl says. But Joe assures him that if he wants to stay in their group, then he’s going to have to follow them.

Although “Us” mainly focuses on the stories of Glenn and Daryl’s new groups, viewers do get to see what Rick, Michonne and Carl are up to after escaping the house full of Joe’s men. The three are leisurely walking down the railroad looking for Terminus, leaving a trail of candy wrappers behind them. And eventually those pieces of sweet evidence are found by the men hunting them.

In episode 15, we learn Joe’s group is desperately searching for the person who killed their friend (Rick), which is the only reason they’re on their way to Terminus.

“I’ll tell you what it is—it’s a lie,” Abe says to Daryl. “You think they’d welcome guys like you and me with open arms [at Terminus]?”

Joe’s group has a brutal way about them. After catching Len in a horrid lie about Daryl stealing his food, the group beats him to death. We could only imagine what they’ll do to Carl’s dad.

But the most suspenseful part of episode 15 is when Glenn comes across the tunnel of death that Maggie has supposedly walked through.

“There is a long, dark tunnel full of reanimated corpses,” Abe says. The army guy claims he can’t guarantee Eugene’s safety, so the group decides to split up leaving Tara and Glenn to face the darkness alone while they take an alternate route. The five part ways — or so we thought.

Eugene, who took control of directions despite Rosita’s disapproval, leads the three to where Glenn and Tara should be according to his math. That’s where the three find a shocking surprise.

But they are not as shocked as Tara and Glenn, who come across a boulder of buried walkers. The two make their way over the death trap only to discover a group of groaning corpses walking towards them. Tara tries talking Glenn out of potentially getting themselves killed, but with Maggie on his mind there’s no way he’s turning back. Because of that, Tara finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she gets her leg caught in the crushed rocks.

Tara urges Glenn to go on and leave her, but he refuses. Attempting to save some time, he starts shooting as many walkers as he can but eventually runs out of bullets. Just when you think Glenn and Tara are done for, the two are saved when a large group starts firing into the walkers. Eventually Glenn sees Maggie come out of the shadows, trailed by Abe’s group.

The end of episode 15 ends on a suspiciously sweet note as the reunited survivors making their way to Terminus, which means end of the line. The sanctuary is flourishing with plants and trees and eerily left unlocked.

“Hi, I’m Mary,” a woman welcomes them. “Looks like you’ve been on the road a while. Let’s get you settled and a plate to eat.”