We’ve got a list of demands for “The Walking Dead.” Season 5 of the hit AMC series is coming to an end on Sunday, which means that fans will be without their fill of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the rest of the gang until the fall. The final episode is gearing up to be a big one, with executive producers promising a lot of action and “sad losses.”

Thanks to Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, fans have always been hatching theories about what will happen next. Names of villains like “The Whisperers” and “Negan” have been tossed around – but will they appear anytime soon?

Looking at the comics, “The Walking Dead” on AMC is currently between Issues 73 and 80. The arrival of the Whisperers has been hotly debated because of the walkers that have “W’s” carved into their foreheads. While it’s definitely a fun theory, unfortunately the mysterious survivors don’t show up in the graphic novels until Issue 130. Meanwhile, Negan is a little closer. The frightening leader of a group called the Saviors first appears in the comics in Issue 100.

Viewers will have to wait to see what happens, but here are five comic book moments that could conceivably make it onto the screen in the Season 5 finale:

1. The Return Of Morgan

Morgan (Lennie James) is lurking around somewhere. Last viewers saw him on the TV show, the character had found a map at Father Gabriel’s (Seth Gilliam) abandoned church with Rick’s name on it. Since he was introduced in the Season 5 premiere, it seems fitting for him to return for the season finale.

In the comics things are a little different. Morgan is already at Alexandria with Rick’s crew and develops a brief romantic relationship with Michonne (Danai Gurira).

2. Alexander Davidson

Alexandria leader Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) revealed to Rick’s group when they arrived at the safe zone that she was forced to exile a couple of men. Could one of those people be Alexander Davidson? In the comics, Alexander was the initial leader of Alexandria and took advantage of his power position. He manipulated women and put others in danger before being forced out. Alexander never returned in the comics, but the AMC show loves to throw in its own twists.

3. Pete’s Dark Twist

“Walking Dead” viewers already witnessed Rick’s epic fight with Pete (Corey Brill) last week. Michonne knocked Rick out before things could escalate, but it’s safe to assume that the two men won’t put aside their differences in the Season 5 finale.

In the comics, Douglas is the Alexandria leader, not Deanna. A crazed Pete cuts the throat of Douglas’ wife, Regina, when she tries to calm him down. It’s then that Douglas gives Rick permission to kill Pete.

Since the TV show already flip-flopped the roles of Deanna and Douglas, Pete could kill Deanna’s husband.

4. The Scavengers

Bad people are lurking in the area surrounding Alexandria. Daryl and Aaron (Ross Marquand) stumbled across mutilated bodies last week, but viewers didn’t get to see the people behind the gruesome crimes. Based on the comics, a possibility is a group of survivors called “The Scavengers.” The Scavengers follow a man named Derek. After hearing the gunshot from Rick killing Pete, they arrive at the Alexandria wall … determined to enter.

5. A New Horde

Countless hoards have caused problems for Rick’s group on “The Walking Dead.” In the comics Alexandria is no different. Rick’s gunfire from killing Pete not only attracted the Scavengers, but a horde of walkers as well.

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 finale will air on AMC on Sunday, March 29, at 9 p.m. EDT. What moment from the comic book would you like to see on screen? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.