After seven long episodes of anticipation and tense buildup, “The Walking Dead” reached its midseason finale for Season 6 on Sunday. Unfortunately for fans, the episode didn’t tie up all of the loose plot threads that were established in previous episodes, leaving a lot of room for speculation as to what will happen next.

In one of the most dramatically wrought package of episodes in the AMC show’s history, fans have been treated to more walkers than they’ve ever seen before, the almost tragic death of a beloved character, an origin story and the constant tease of an impending walker herd. In episode 8, titled “Start to Finish,” the group of survivors in Alexandria had to fight to maintain the safe haven after a large section of its walls fell, finally allowing the herd of zombies access. The ensuing events happened quickly and left a lot of questions for viewers as they now sit waiting for the show’s February return.

To help keep everyone on track, below is a rundown of the top questions left over after the midseason finale of “The Walking Dead.”

[SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of this article will discuss the most recent episode of “The Walking Dead.”]

1. Are The Wolves Gone?

The season kicked off with a stunningly violent attack on Alexandria from a group of crazed survivors that call themselves “The Wolves.” Not much is known about them, but they seem to be under the impression that everyone is dead, so their tendency to mercilessly loot and pillage anywhere they find doesn’t mean too much to them, morally. However, after attacking the safe haven and being driven off by its superior firepower, it’s unclear if the audience is supposed to assume that the Alexandrians thinned out the evil group’s numbers enough to make them no longer a threat. In addition, with one of the rogue faction’s members having escaped the prison Morgan (Lennie James) was keeping him in, it’s unclear what will happen if he’s allowed to link back up with his group. But, with the introduction of Negan and the reveal that his group is separate from the Wolves, how much more screen time is there for them to return?

2. Is Enid Keeping A Big Secret?

As previously reported, evidence supporting the theory that Enid (Katelyn Nacon) was responsible for bringing the Wolves into Alexandria has been mounting since she was first introduced. Not only does she constantly scale the walls to run off to parts unknown, but she seemed to have inside knowledge of the group’s attack once they reached Alexandria. Although she’s reluctantly returned to help Glenn (Steven Yeun) rescue the community, many believe that Enid has been working for the Wolves ever since they discovered the community. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough screen time in the midseason finale for any kind of reveal to be made.

3. Seriously, What Is Ron’s Deal?

Things looked bad for Carl (Chandler Riggs) last week thanks to the murderous rage felt by his fellow teenage Alexandrian, Ron (Austin Abrams). In the midseason finale, that rage came to a head when Ron tried to draw his pistol on the young Grimes son only to be stopped in the ensuing scuffle. With the moral high ground, Carl chose not to reveal to the other adults what Ron had done in the garage. Instead, he took away his weapon. Although the situation is temporarily diffused, there’s no telling what Ron’s crazed mind may be cooking up for the Grimes’ boys in the latter half of Season 6.

4. Is Maggie OK?

Although many fans were hoping to see Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn reunite in the midseason finale, the herd of walkers saw to it that their triumphant reunion was pushed until at least February. When the herd gets inside the walls of Alexandria, they run her up the top of a lookout post, where Glenn and Enid found her at the end of the episode, stranded and surrounded. Fortunately, she’s safe as long as the structure holds, leaving Glenn plenty of time to devise some kind of strategy to get her down. However, with walkers all around, a potentially traitorous partner and no weapons or supplies to speak of, how will the intrepid hero rescue his pregnant wife?

5. Is Sam Going To Get Everyone Killed?

The episode ended in a rather precarious position for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and some of the other survivors in his care. With their house overrun, they cloak themselves in zombie guts and use the masked scent to walk right out of the place. All they need to do is be quiet and move slow, which Sam (Major Dodson) can’t seem to do. In the middle of a crowded herd of zombies, the child simply couldn’t stop audibly calling out for his mother. If he keeps it up, even the might of Rick Grimes  and his trusty hatchet/revolver combo won’t be enough to get them all out of the hairy position alive.

“The Walking Dead” returns for the second half of Season 6 on Feb. 14, 2016.