Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead," starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, returns to AMC for its sixth season on Sunday, October 11. AMC

Get ready to time-travel on “The Walking Dead.” The latest scoop on the hit AMC zombie series is that Season 6 will introduce a series of flashbacks when the show premieres in October.

The cast and crew of “The Walking Dead” took over San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend to share some exciting news about the upcoming season. Fans were treated to the premiere date and trailer for Season 6, along with a juicy tease about how the storyline will progress. One of the bigger spoilers to come out of SDCC? That one entire episode will be a flashback.

“There will actually be a whole lot of flashbacks in the first half of the season,” show runner Scott M. Gimple revealed during the panel (via Cinema Blend). “And in fact, I’m working on an episode right now that’s entirely a flashback, but I just forget things in front of 7,000 people.”

Gimple’s remark about “forgetting” things is because he previously denied any flashbacks in Season 6. He later changed his tune, but didn’t give any hints as to what or who could be featured in the scenes. Fortunately we have enough theories to keep fans occupied until October 11. Check out our theories on what the upcoming flashbacks could be about:


What in the world has Morgan (Lennie James) been up to? Before showing up with his stick of doom, the character last appeared as a grieving mad man in Season 3. What changed and set him on the path he’s on now? A flashback could help viewers reconnect with Morgan and understand how the character evolved.


“Walking Dead” fans will remember Enid (Katelyn Nacon) as the teen girl who Carl (Chandler Riggs) followed into the woods in Season 5. Viewers don’t know much about her, but based on the Season 6 trailer, it looks like she might become a major player in Season 6. The footage shows the teen looking dirty and disheveled at the gate of Alexandria. One could assume that she made one of her escapes over the wall and ran into some trouble. But what if there is more to it than that? Her backstory is that her family died. It would be interesting if a flashback exposed Enid as a spy for a bigger threat than walkers -- like the Wolves or the Whisperers.

Pre-Rick Alexandria

Alexandria was left in a bit of chaos after the Season 5 finale. Walkers got in, thanks to Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Pete (Corey Brill) accidentally killed Reg (Steve Coulter), and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) executed Pete in retaliation. Things got crazy when Rick’s group joined them … but what was life like prior to this? Did everyone get along or were there other troublemakers in the group? Fans can’t forget that Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) chose to exile some of their former residents instead of kill them. A flashback could reveal what forced them into exile and if they are still a threat.

The Wolves

The Wolves were briefly introduced at the end of Season 5, but viewers still don’t know who they are or how they became such frightening human beings. A flashback to expose the backstory of the villains -- similar to that of the cannibals at Terminus -- would certainly be interesting.

“The Walking Dead’ Season 6 premieres on AMC on Sunday, October 11 at 9 p.m. EDT. What backstory do you want to see via a flashback? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.