Episode 3 of “The Walking Dead” left AMC viewers with multiple questions. And unfortunately it sounds like fans might have to wait another week to get answers. The synopsis and promo video for episode 4, titled “He’s Not Here,” hints that more of Morgan’s (Lennie James) backstory will be revealed.

The episode 4 synopsis teases that “a new face and setting” will be introduced during Sunday’s special hour and a half installment. The description goes on to ask the question: “With all that’s gone on in the apocalypse, can people be trusted?”

Since the promo video only features Morgan, is the synopsis hinting that he has two sides to him? Or will the episode be set in a flashback and unmask the person that taught Morgan how to use his bo staff to fight? As the text during the promo hints, “You can’t escape your past.”

The promo features Morgan training with his bo staff by the water before cutting to the word “CLEAR” on a wall. Fans will remember that episode 12 of Season 3 was titled “Clear” and reintroduced Morgan after he and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) lost communication after Season 1. In the time that the two men had last seen each other, Morgan had lost his son to his walker wife. He set up camp at an apartment building filled with guns and booby-trapped the town. He spent his days killing walkers and bringing their bodies into the woods to be burned.

Another clip from the trailer shows Morgan with what appears to be the walkie-talkie that Rick gave him in the pilot episode of “The Walking Dead.”

“You have to redirect those thoughts by moving forward,” a voice says in the promo video. “To still accept what we were, with a code to never do it again. To protect everyone, to create peace.”

Since arriving at Alexandria this season, Morgan has kept pretty tight lipped about what has happened to him since he last saw Rick. The only thing he has revealed is that he was taught how to use the bo staff “after everything,” and believes that Michonne (Danai Gurira) took one of his peanut butter protein bars while she was at his home. It sounds like this might be the episode where all is revealed … including if he has ulterior motives for joining the Alexandria survivors.

Catch the special hour and a half episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC Sunday, Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. EDT.