With “The Walking Dead” Season 6 stringing fans along for most of its run so far, last week’s episode may have introduced a pretty key group of characters to the zombie apocalypse show. Thanks to a message tweeted by the official “Walking Dead” twitter account, fans now believe that the comic book group known as “The Saviors” was introduced for the first time.

The big hint comes from the new character that was introduced during Episode 6. When Daryl (Norman Reedus) finds himself separated from his friends, he’s attacked by three people claiming to be escaping their previous group. They explain that their old leader wanted them to kneel to his will without question. One of the three is a man, who goes unnamed during the episode, according to Comic Book Resource. However, a tweet from the official “Walking Dead” Twitter account revealed that character’s name to be Dwight (Austin Amelio).

Fans of “The Walking Dead” comic books will recognize the name and character as the scarred man who wreaks havoc on Alexandria just before the introduction of the Saviors. In the comics, the Saviors are a faction dedicated to following the wills of its insane and violent leader Negan. Recently, the Hollywood Reporter noted that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast to play Negan and is expected to show up in the final episode of Season 6. As a result, with the introduction of Dwight, many believe that the group Daryl encountered in the latest episode was the first look at the now infamous gang. 

Other evidence to that fact is how the character leaves the episode by stealing Daryl’s trusty crossbow. While the fan-favorite biker isn’t in the comics, Dwight is later introduced as a man who uses a crossbow as his signature weapon as well. By stealing Daryl’s, MoviePilot notes that he may have been stepping into his character and taking the reigns as the crossbow guy. However, so far he doesn’t have the comic book character version’s terrible facial scars. 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of time between now and Negan’s eventual introduction, which means fans might have to wait a while to see Dwight come alive as much as he does in the comic books. Or, worse yet, to see Daryl reunite with his crossbow. 

AMC will air “The Walking Dead” Season 6, episode 7 at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday.