Walking Dead Season 6, episode 6
Daryl (Norman Reedus) encounters other survivors in Season 6, episode 6, of "The Walking Dead." AMC

Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” is off to a wild – and deadly – start. Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Morgan (Lennie James) are back at Alexandria and reunited after the attack from the Wolves. But where are the others? While Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) fate was put on the back burner again, episode 6 revealed what happened to Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz).

Viewers last saw Daryl, Sasha and Abraham leading the zombie parade the full 20 miles away from Alexandria. But Rick was unable to reach them on the radio once things finally settled down at home.

Episode 6, titled “Always Accountable,” brings us back to the road. It appears the trio finally completed the full distance that the plan called for, but things take a turn when they begin their ride home. In a surprise twist, a group of people begins shooting at them. Unprepared for an attack, Sasha and Abraham drive through a wall. Meanwhile, the gunfire makes Daryl fall off his motorcycle.

Sasha and Abraham manage to take out their assailant, and Daryl seeks shelter in the woods – but now they’re separated, and in Daryl’s case, injured. Both parties try to reach each other on their radios, but can’t connect.

With a nasty cut on his arm, Daryl decides to hide his bike under some shrubs and start hiking. But he doesn’t make it far. He runs into two young women in the woods. But they’re not friendly.

“We earned what we took,” one of the girls tells him. But before he can ask what she’s talking about, a man appears behind him and knocks him out.

When Daryl comes to he’s tied up and has a gun in his face. He tries to tell them that he’s not who they think he is -- whoever that may be -- but they don’t listen to him. All they can think about is “picking up Patty.”

With Daryl still restrained, the group starts walking through the woods, which is littered with burnt bodies. It turns out that the three mysterious strangers burned the woods down at the beginning of the outbreak in order to take out the walkers.

The small talk comes to a stop, though, when they reach a fenced-in yard that is overrun with walkers. Daryl’s captors immediately become upset, believing that Patty’s gone. He uses the distraction to make his escape. Daryl grabs the bag that they dropped on the floor and takes off, his hands still tied. The man shoots at Daryl, but fails to hit him.

Eventually Daryl collapses on the floor and manages to untie his hands. He rifles through the bag to pull out his crossbow, and in doing so, discovers a cooler holding insulin. Realizing that one of the young women needs it to survive, Daryl decides to go back to the people that knocked him out.

Walking Dead Daryl
Daryl (Norman Reedus) returns to help the people who captured him in episode 6 of "The Walking Dead" Season 6. AMC

With his crossbow raised, Daryl meets back up with his captors and demands a trade. He forces the man to hand over his gun and a little toy he was carving in exchange for the insulin. But before Daryl can run off again, a big truck comes plowing through the woods.

The men that get out of the truck are looking for the three people who took Daryl. But they don’t know that Daryl is with them. They did something previously that has them on bad terms with these mysterious other people.

Although they previously held Daryl at gunpoint, Daryl decides to help them escape. He motions for them to follow him away from the men. They hide while one of the men searches the area around them.

The situation looks grim and Daryl gives the man his gun back to help protect them. But they catch a break when a walker bites one of the people searching for them. His companions chop off the infected arm and call off the search.

Elsewhere, Abraham and Sasha are searching for Daryl and discussing their attackers. The two agree that it seemed like they were looking for someone in particular -- but who?

Not wanting to give up on Daryl, or run into the others again, they mark a door with the word “Dixon” and seek shelter inside.

Despite just surviving a shootout, Abraham and Sasha have not bonded. In fact, their relationship seems more strained than ever before. Sasha thinks Abraham is out of control because all he wants to do is kill. Meanwhile, Abraham can’t help but point out that Sasha was out of control herself just a few weeks ago.

But is there something more serious going on with Abraham? When he comes across a military walker on the roof of the building, it appears as if he’s suffering from PTSD -- or at least having a mental breakdown. The walker is hanging off the roof, impaled on fencing. Abraham climbs onto the fence and begins shaking it, screaming in the face of the zombie as it attempts to claw at him.

Walking Dead Abraham
Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) appears to be suffering from PTSD in episode 6 of "The Walking Dead" Season 6. AMC

“Walking Dead” fans fear that this stupid act might result in Abraham falling to his death or getting bit, but a turn of events actually works out in his favor. The zombie’s body rots off the fence and leaves behind a rocket-propelled grenade. As if that wasn’t a gift enough, the former military setup on top of the building has even more grenades.

Now more upbeat thanks to the discovery of the weapons, Abraham returns to Sasha with his haul -- which includes a new military suit jacket.

“I like the way you call B.S.” he tells Sasha, adding that he wants to get to know her better.

But Sasha’s not biting.

“What makes you think I want that?” she fires back.

“A man can tell,” Abraham tells her.

Woah. Was Abraham flirting with Sasha?

Back in the woods with Daryl, his captors are confused as to why he came back and helped him. He doesn’t have an answer, simply telling them that maybe he’s stupid too.

Now that they know that Daryl is not “one of them,” the group continues their journey through the woods and finds a burned-down greenhouse. One of the women, Tina, breaks down when she recognizes the greenhouse -- and the bodies there. The group knew the people that owned the building, and it looks like they accidentally killed them when the started the fire. Unfortunately for Tina, the people aren’t exactly dead, though. They come back to life and bite her when she bends down to mourn them.

Daryl helps the other two bury Tina and begins to ask them the “three questions,” testing them to see if they’d be a good fit at Alexandria. The man tells Daryl that he hasn’t killed anyone since the outbreak; the reason being that there is “no going back.”

That seems to be the answer that Daryl wants because he tells them about a place where the people are the same as them. He walks them back to his hidden motorcycle, but a click of a gun has him dropping the bike. Daryl turns to face them and discovers that the man is once again holding a gun to him. He takes Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle and drives off with his female companion, but not before they say “sorry” to Daryl.

“You’re going to be,” he tells them.

Daryl’s back where he started, however, them taking the motorcycle might have been a blessing in disguise. He finds a hidden fuel tank with a license plate that says “Patty.”

Episode 6 of “The Walking Dead” ends with Daryl driving the fuel truck into town to find Sasha and Abraham. The trio begins their journey back to Alexandria and attempt to make contact with home on their radio.

“Rick, you copy?” Daryl asks. “Anybody?”

A call comes in, but Daryl can’t understand through the static. He asks the person to repeat, and that’s when they hear it -- “Help.”

Since Alexandria is now safe, could the call for help be from Glenn? Or is it someone else completely? AMC viewers will have to wait until next week to find out.