“The Walking Dead” is finally back. The AMC series returns for its highly anticipated fourth season this Sunday, and we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know before the premiere. It’s been months since the season-three finale, so refresh your memory with 10 spoilers from episode 16, “Welcome to the Tombs”:

1. Consequences For Milton

Milton has been the Governor’s right-hand man and friend since before the apocalypse. But that all changed when Milton decided to burn the zombies that the Governor had collected.

The season-three finale kicked off with the Governor beating Milton and blaming him for the death of eight men. Unfortunately for Milton, the beating is only the beginning.

2. Andrea’s Bad Luck

Andrea attempted to escape Woodbury and make a break for the prison -- but the Governor got to her before she could find safety. As Andrea’s punishment for trying to flee, the Governor restrained her in a locked room, telling Milton that he’s not leaving the room without killing Andrea.

Not wanting to kill his friend, a badly beat-up Milton tries to turn the knife on the Governor, but he’s not quick enough. The Governor takes the knife and stabs him in the stomach multiple times, leaving him to turn into a walker -- and attack Andrea.

3. The Attack On The Prison

Afraid of another attack, the prison crew members begin to put their plan in place. Hershel, Beth, Carl and Baby Judith pack up the car with supplies and hide in the woods. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew hides and waits for the Woodbury people to come.

Tyrese and Sasha stay behind to protect the old people and children while the Governor takes the rest of the town to attack the prison. Pulling up to the grounds, they torch the guard posts and spew hundreds of bullets.

4. Turn Of Events

Breaking into the prison, the Governor is greeted by emptiness. With nobody in the cells, he takes his crew deeper within the prison -- and that’s when Rick’s plan gets set into motion. Setting off flares and the prison alarm, the Governor and his people become targets for the rest of the walkers that are milling around inside.

With people getting bit by zombies, the rest of the Governor’s crew runs toward their cars to escape the prison -- where they find themselves under attack from Maggie and Glenn. Threatened not only by bullets but also by walkers, the Woodbury people drive off against the Governor’s wishes.

5. Carl’s Decisions

After the Woodbury townspeople flee the prison, one young boy runs into the woods -- straight into Hershel and Carl. About to surrender his weapon, Carl decides to not take any chances and shoots the kid point-blank in the head.

When everyone gets back to the prison, Carl tells his dad that he did what he had to -- but Hershel reveals that Carl really “gunned that kid down.”

6. The Governor Snaps

Catching up with the Woodbury townspeople after the prison debacle, the Governor is furious that they bailed on their mission. After he demands they turn around and fight, his “army” refuses. Unfortunately for them, that’s not what the Governor wants to hear.

Angry they are disobeying his orders and bent on revenge, the Governor pulls out his gun and shoots everyone. Driving off with his two remaining henchmen, what the Governor doesn’t realize is that one person survived -- Karen.

7. Milton’s Awake

Andrea’s stuck in a room with a dying Milton, but she has a chance to survive. Before Milton was stabbed, he was able to leave pliers behind Andrea’s chair. The only catch is that Andrea will really have to struggle to reach it.

Milton tries to stay awake to give her a chance to break free and kill him, but he eventually fails. Andrea finally gets her hands on the pliers and is able to break one hand free just as Milton awakens as a walker.

8. Rick’s Discovery

Rick, Michonne and Daryl decide to follow the Governor back to Woodbury to end their fight once and for all. But the three don’t make it that far. Driving down the road, they come across the massacred Woodbury people and the very-alive Karen.

Getting Karen to talk, they learn that the Governor gunned everyone down and drove off. With Karen in tow, they head toward Woodbury where they explain the situation to Tyreese and Sasha, who let them inside.

Discovering that Andrea left Woodbury for the prison and never made it, they head off to find her and come across a gruesome sight.

9. Andrea’s Goodbye

Opening the door to one of the cellars that the Governor kept Glenn and Maggie in, Rick and the group find Milton dead on the floor and Andrea huddled against the wall. Burning up with a fever, Andrea shows Michonne that Milton took a bite out of her neck.

“It’s good you found them,” she says to Michonne of the prison group. “No one can make it alone now.”

Using Rick’s gun, Andrea shoots herself in the head with Michonne dutifully by her side.

10. A New Prison

Season three of “The Walking Dead” concluded with the promise of a new prison. With the help of Tyreese and Sasha, Rick brought the remaining Woodbury people to the prison to hopefully start over and learn how to survive together.

Season four of “The Walking Dead” premieres on AMC this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.