The rivalry between Wando High School and West Ashley High, both in South Carolina, got heated last week when Wando High students were beating after tebwoing during a basketball game.

The Post and Courier reported on Saturday, that two teenage fans were beaten when they were walking toward the outside following the game, which ended with a 20-point defeat on West Ashley. One was beaten to the point of vomiting, the Web site stated, as the two were punched and kicked in a parking lot.

Tebowing is the name given to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's famous prayer position where he drops to one knee and places his hand to his forehead in prayer.

They were scared for their lives, Lara Isaac, the mother of a 17 year old who was attacked. No one was manning the exits to make sure this wouldn't happen. The kids who did this apparently knew that.

The incident is said to be the second consecutive year that the contest resulted in violence.  In January 2010, a Wando parent was charged with punching a West Ashley teacher, the Post and Courier reported.

The two schools will meet again on Jan. 27 at Wando's campus.