Warren Beatty  will be directing and starring in an unnamed comedy for Paramount Pictures soon.

The actor/ director will be back in action after 10 years, his last outing was Town and Country in 2001, a box office disaster.  His  previous directorial ventures won him an academy award for Reds and nominations for Heaven can Wait and  Bulworth.

He directed and acted in Dick Tracy, a stylish, hip gangster, detective movie which was very well received. Recently it was reported that he  plans to make Dick Tracy 2.

Will it be a reboot or a sequel  is anybody's guess as no further details are available.

Warren Beatty  was dubbed  Mr Hollywood by the Time Magazine and he indeed embodies all the glamour and power associated with the film industry. A recent biography Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America, by  Peter Biskin, claims that he slept with more than 12,000 women. A claim his attorney refuted and rubbished the autobiography.

Beatty has been linked with quite a few leading ladies of Hollywood  namely Joan Collins, Jane Fonda, Diana Keaton, Leslie Carson, Julie Christie, Isabella Adjani, Madonnaand Ella Macpherson. He is married to Annettte Bening.