Last Friday after the draft, Monta Ellis' agent Jeff Fried reportedly asked Golden State Warriors management for a trade.

Now, it appears that Monta Ellis may have reiterated that demand himself with the caveat that if the Warriors improve the roster, then he doesn't want out.

David Aldridge of reports that Ellis had a conference with management that lasted about one hour telling them that he wanted out by the trade deadline if the Warriors couldn't make the roster better.

Ellis feels that he is in the prime of his career and wants to play for a contending team.

However, Ellis is also all in with new coach Mark Jackson who reportedly called Ellis twice to speak with the Warriors star.

Call it a demand with an asterisk, Aldridge reports. 

In an interview with the Mercury News, Warriors owner Joe Lacob disputed Ellis trade demand reports saying, I don't think he has suggested anything. I think there's speculation about what he's said or his agent has said.

Lacob also said that while Ellis is a tremendous player and a unique asset, he implied that the Warriors would be willing to listen to a trade offer if it was a helluva deal that would make the Warriors better.

Ellis has been linked in numerous deals around the league including an offer for Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, Philadelphia 76ers Andre Iguodala, and Los Angeles Lakers Lamar Odom.

Last Thursday, the Warriors used their 11th pick to draft Washington State guard Klay Thompson, who plays the same position as Ellis.

Many feel that Thompson is much better matchup with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, since Curry and Ellis are similar in size and playing styles.

Scouts have called Thompson one of the best pure shooters in the whole draft class.

The drafting of Thompson has fueled further speculation of that Ellis is making these trade demands due to unhappiness with the team.

Two years ago, after Stephen Curry was drafted, it was widely reported that Ellis' unhappiness led to strained relations between the two that took at least a year before things settled down.

Now, with the drafting of Thompson, Aldridge concluded, I think they are going to trade Monta Ellis.

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