A new video of actor Ryan Gosling dancing and singing When A Man Loves A Woman at a 1991 Mormon talent show alongside his sister has gone viral.

The video, which shows a younger version of Ryan Gosling with much the same hairstyle as the one he currently rocks, is a blast from the past, and it features the soon-to-be Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer getting down in parachute pants with a tucked-in button-up shirt. True early-nineties MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice style.

The video clip starts out with little Ryan Gosling soulfully belting out the lyrics to the Percy Sledge classic When A Man Loves A Woman on an empty stage. Then his sister Mandi comes out in matching nineties wear, and the two really get going, shuffle-stepping and dancing across the stage in unison while the C+C Music Factory hit Everybody Dance Now plays in the background.

You can see the early stages of Ryan Gosling's talent -- which later led him to the very successful acting career he now has, starring in films like Drive, The Notebook, and Ides of March -- in the video, and the Internet has been energized by the revelation that such a video of the young actor exists, in which he shows off his vocal prowess and dancing moves.

Twitter user Kellyanne Revenaugh was elated to see the charming video:

Ryan Gosling is dancing in hammer pants. Best thing you'll see all day/week/year, she tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The video was so popular Tuesday that it became a United States trending topic on the social media site Twitter, and the video, which was only uploaded to YouTube on Monday, already had already been viewed 108,000 times as of 4 p.m. Tuesday.

And Twitter user Shakthi also seemed impressed by the video clip:

Young Ryan Gosling Could Destroy Internet With '90s Dance Moves, he tweeted.

Press play below to watch the viral video of a 10-year-old Ryan Gosling singing When A Man Loves A Woman and dancing with his sister Mandi at a 1991 Mormon talent show: