Aaron Paul won his third Emmy Award at the 2014 Emmy Awards Monday night for the final season of “Breaking Bad.” But before the actor was cooking up illegal drugs with Bryan Cranston on AMC, he got his start just trying to make breakfast. One of Paul’s earliest performances was appearing in a Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal commercial in 1999.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor told reporters on the red carpet Monday night at the Emmys that he regrets doing the commercial. Paul said, “I was probably 17 or 18. It was right when I moved out to LA.” However, Paul did say he was excited at the time to say the cereal’s signature catch phrase – “I got to have my Pops!”

Paul has gone on to have a prestigious career, winning three Emmy Awards for his role as Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad,” successfully leaving his commercial past behind him. However, Paul is not the only “Breaking Bad” star to get his start on a commercial. Bryan Cranston, who won his fourth Emmy for playing Walter White in the AMC drama, also began his career with a foray into advertising.

Watch Cranston in this 1982 Atari video game commercial, long before becoming “Heisenberg” in “Breaking Bad":

Both actors can sit back and enjoy the aftermath of their Emmy wins now. Both created buzz last night with Cranston kissing Julia Louis-Dreyfus after her win for “Veep” and Paul crashing his wife’s charity website with an acceptance speech shoutout. With the success of “Breaking Bad,” they should not ever have to do another commercial, unless, of course, that means being the celebrity spokesperson for a major video game console like Paul is here for Xbox:

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