If you’re a fan of the cult sitcom “Arrested Development,” chances are you’ve already watched the entire fourth season in the week since it was released on Netflix. And if you’re like most fans, you might have found “Arrested Development” season four a little confusing.

Unlike in past seasons, the new “Arrested Development” is told non-chronologically, following nine main characters over seven years, with plenty of flashbacks, flash forwards and changes of perspective. It’s a bold new way to create television, and it allows viewers to see events from multiple perspectives, like “Rashomon” dragged out over the course of eight hilarious hours. That said, it’s still a little confusing.

That’s why Reddit user mophinapg has edited the new season of “Arrested Development” into a more easily digestible chronological order. This rearranged version of “Arrested Development” divides the season into 12 chronological episodes instead of 15 highly intertwined, labyrinthine episodes. In the process, it cuts out some of content that was repeated multiple times in the official version.

The creator says this new version should help viewers understand the complex storyline behind “Arrested Development” season 4. Still, it’s not a proper replacement for watching the season through in its originally intended order.

“I think it helps to understand the story. I still suggest watching it in the original order the first time to get the proper order of reveals. I tried to edit it in a way to avoid spoiling some surprises … but there are some things I was unable to avoid spoiling, such as who Rebel was dating besides Michael,” mophinapg explained in a comment. “So I suggest watching it first in Netflix's order, then going back and watching my episodes to get a good sense of the order of events.”

Still, there’s one problem from the new “Arrested Development” season that might be impossible to solve with this fan recut: length. The show’s fourth season was generally well-received, but many fans found that the 35-minute episodes were somewhat bloated compared to the broadcast television standard of 22 minutes. This fan edit contains episodes up to 53 minutes long, significantly longer than even the lengthened season 4 episodes. Still, it’s an interesting experiment.

Check out the episode descriptions for the re-edited “Arrested Development” season four below.

Episode 1: Take to the Sea!: The Bluth family once again finds themselves in legal trouble (21:48)

Episode 2: A New Start: Lindsay, Tobias, and Maeby take a trip to India, and George Sr. starts work on a new project. (28:53)

Episode 3: That Way, You Have It: Gob, Lindsay, and Tobias begin their new lives. (43:36)

Episode 4: Sweat and Squeeze: The housing crisis forces George Sr. to improvise a new plan, and George Michael experiences college life. (29:56)

Episode 5: Get Away, Getaway: Michael joins George Michael at college, and Gob begins a new wild partying lifestyle. (24:20)

Episode 6: The Anti-Social Network: George Michael reconnects with Maeby, and Buster's time in the army changes him once again. (37:49)

Episode 7: Put Up This Wall!: George Michael conspires to kick his father out of the dorm, and George Sr. finds a new supporter for his project. (40:19)

Episode 8: The Michael B. Project: Michael gets recruited to make a movie about his family, and George Sr. runs into some trouble. (47:47)

Episode 9: Did Somebody Say Wonder?: Michael attempts to reunite with his son, and Gob devises a plan to take revenge on Tony Wonder. (33:19)

Episode 10: The Fantastic Four: Tobias begins work on a new musical, and Michael goes on an awkward double date with his sister. (41:10)

Episode 11: George Maharis:  Michael attempts to find out who the "other man" is in his relationship, and George Michael deals with his newfound success. (49:32)

Episode 12: Cinco de Cuatro:  The entire family arrives at the party, not prepared for what awaits them, and Michael hits his lowest point to settle a debt. (53:51)