Back in 1998, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was a contestant on the popular game show The Price is Right. But why is that news now? Because Jay Leno tracked down a copy of the episode and aired it on his show Thursday night. And because it is amazing to watch.

Before Aaron Paul was famous, when he was beginning his acting career in Los Angeles, he was just a simple fan of The Price is Right. When he was chosen as a contestant, it looks like it might have been the greatest moment in Paul's life up until that point.

You're the man, Bob! You're my idol! Paul shouted.

Around this time in his career, Paul was just getting started, making appearances in TV movies such as Even The Losers and Locust Valley. Paul would go on to perform in movies such as K-Pax and Mission: Impossible III before being cast in his breakout role as Jesse Pinkman.

Paul is so energetic in the clip that it really makes his casting as a meth head a completely obvious choice. I look like I'm on meth, Paul told Leno.

Paul explained his manic, almost uncontrollable energy as the result of drinking like six Red Bulls.

According to Paul, when he was interviewed before the show and asked about his job, he screamed -- I fold pants [at] the Gap! -- and ran off. A risky move, but it sure paid off for him.

While he made it all the way to the giant wheel, Paul's final bet was over the actual price by only $132, and Paul went home almost empty-handed. I was depressed for many, many months, he told Leno.

Watch the clip from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno here.