Britney's back. The pop star premiered the music video for her new single, Hold It Against Me, Thursday night on MTV.

The futuristic music video features well-choreographed dance routines, edgy camera work and Britney's signature dance beats.

Following the music video, MTV hosted MTV First: Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me' Video Premiere, a live discussion on about the new clip and what's next for the pop star.

It was hosted by MTV News' Jim Cantiello and Pauly D, of the reality show Jersey Shore was a guest.

A few days ago Spears teased the music video by posting a picture from the filming on Twitter. Choreographer, Brian Friedman, praised Spears on Twitter saying, Good luck to @britneyspears and all of my incredible dancers. You have all surpassed my expectations and I am so thankful for your hard work!

He later tweeted, What a fabulous day on set of HIAM! @britneyspears killed it!

Hold It Against Me is the first single from Britney's new album, Femme Fatale, which will be released in March. The single sold more than 411,000 downloads in its first week.

Watch the video here.