Looks like Ubisoft will continue to support the WiiU, despite rumors to the contrary.

Multiple Gamestop locations halted pre-orders for the Nintendo version of ‘Watch Dogs,’ Ubisoft’s newest action/open-world title. This led to speculation that the game would never see release on the WiiU, but both Ubisoft and Gamestop have confirmed that the game will still see the light of day. Gamestop dismissed the halt of pre-orders as “just a glitch.” Another question still remains, however: how will the WiiU version stack up against the other platforms?

Let’s turn our attention to the Xbox One, though - Microsoft has purchased Gears of War from Epic Games. Gears of War has always been an Xbox-exclusive series, but now Microsoft will have direct control over the games’ development. They’ve tapped a Vancouver studio called ‘Black Tusk’ to develop the next game, but ‘Epic Games’ promises that they’re still making titles aside from the ‘Gears’ franchise.

In less serious news, Google’s Gmail service went down on Friday, sparking disgruntled Internet users to take to Twitter to complain about the lack of Google in their life. Despite the massive overreaction (and a cheap, ironic shot from Yahoo), Google restored its email service within an hour.