Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate and Godfather's Pizza CEO, is trying to remain relevant in the political arena with a series of shocking ads attacking President Obama's handling of the economy. First, he criticized the stimulus plan by suffocating a fish, then he catapulted a rabbit while slamming the tax code.

Next? Chickens.

Except this time, a human being gets abused much more than the animal does. Apparently the grain is taxes, the farmer is the average taxpayer, and the birds are big government. Hint: the farmer ends up a Halloweenesque skeleton. Watch it for yourself above.

Cain revealed earlier this week before a speech at Fordham Law School in Manhattan that chickens would be starring in his new ad. He said he makes his videos purposefully provocative just so people will talk about them.

We've become a 24-7 information overload society, so how do we get important messages through? he said (scroll down for video).

Some have interpreted provocative to be offensive. PETA hasn't been particularly impressed with Cain's use of animals, and said of the goldfish video: There's no more excuse for causing distress to a little fish than there is for strapping a dog to the roof of your car and speeding down the highway.