Herman Cain has released his most shocking video yet.

The pizza magnate's post-campaign project, Cain Solutions, published a new web ad Monday that includes the same creepy, unsmiling little girl from his last commercial and yet another animal metaphor. It's supposed to be about how the current tax code is killing small business, but it's kind of hard to get past the bunny being catapulted into the air and shot.

Any questions? askes the girl.

It's obviously simulated, but Cain, who dropped out of the Republican presidential primary last December, is clearly trying to raise the shock factor of his videos to stay included in the national conversation.

The rabbit is fine but our current tax code is killing small business! reads the caption under the video. The current tax code allows the Government to pick winners and losers by doling out favors and dividing the country with class warfare.

Cain's last video showed a goldfish, a metaphor for the economy under President Barack Obama, being suffocated.

Another ad featuring campaign manager Mark Block smoking a cigarette went viral while he was still running for president.

(h/t Sam Stein, Huffington Post)