Disturbing CCTV footage was released on Sept. 5 that showed a homeless man attacking a good Samaritan outside a shop in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, after the latter offered to pay for his goods.

Kisu Brady Brown, the 41-year-old ax-wielder, is an African-American homeless man who apparently became agitated when a man offered to pay for the items that the former was on his way to steal from a store at 7-Eleven at the 7900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood. The incident took place around 4 a.m. local time (7 a.m. EDT) on Saturday.

In the video, Brown is seen waiting for the good Samaritan to come out of the store and as soon as he does, the homeless man strikes him down with an axe. Even though another man holding a drink is seen trying to intervene, Brown continues to hack the man who was already on the ground. After that, Brown flees the scene.

The man who had earlier tried to intervene, meanwhile, appears to dial for help, while more people from the surrounding area rush to the man’s aid. A woman brings out a piece of cloth and holds it to the man’s head, trying to stop the bleeding.

Disclaimer: The following video might be too disturbing for some people.

According to the Mirror, Brown has been arrested by the police. The police said in a statement: “The suspect became upset, refused the victim’s offer and a struggle ensued. As the victim left the location the suspect pulled out an axe and began to hit him in the head several times."

Sgt. Jeff Bishop, who is handling the case, has said that the footage was “shocking” for everyone at his station to watch. “What makes this unique is we have a citizen who is trying to help a transient or a homeless person, help another fellow citizen out, and to be assaulted like this, it could be anybody’s family member and for somebody to just take the liberty and do that it’s very shocking, it was shocking to everybody to everybody here at our station when we did receive the video,” Bishop said, Fox 11 reported.

Brown has a history of physical assault. He has been identified by the police as a former felon who hangs around the West Hollywood area.

A longtime Neighborhood Watch member Jake Lee had witnessed the homeless man attack another person a few months ago. “We witnessed this guy brutally attack an 80-year-old-man, punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground and then picked up a house brick and lobbed it at the guy's head, said a couple racial slurs that I’m not gonna repeat,” Lee said, according to a Raw Story report.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the axe-attack victim was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries on his skull, and severe cuts on his arm. “One of his hands has been incapacitated to the point where he can't use it," Bishop said, New York Daily News reported. "But fortunately, he's gonna survive."