James Bond has always been on her majesty’s secret service, but, in this video for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, it appears the secret agent has been given a promotion to serve as Queen Elizabeth II’s official bodyguard.

The 6-minute film, produced by the BBC for the Olympic Games, stars the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, as Agent 007 and Queen Elizabeth II as herself. The video featured Bond escorting the queen to her personal helicopter as it takes her to the opening ceremony. As the chopper carrying the two flew over London, Britons across the city (including a statue of Winston Churchill that seemed to come to life) waved to the queen.

When the helicopter arrived at the opening ceremony in the film, an actual helicopter appeared above Olympic grounds, meant to represent the vehicle seen in the film.

In a stunning display that led to the queen’s entrance at the ceremony, Bond and the queen were filmed skydiving from the helicopter, while stand-ins meant to represent the two parachuted to the ceremony below. Their parachutes were, of course, fashioned after Union Jacks.

After the queen’s stunning entrance, the crowd stood to sing the traditional “God Save the Queen” as the ceremony continued.
The opening ceremony also featured other famous British icons such as Mr. Bean, J.K. Rowling, Mary Poppins, and Paul McCartney. The opening ceremony also featured snippets of the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen,” which was banned by the BBC after its 1977 release for lyrics critical of Queen Elizabeth II.