R&B crooner Miguel landed crotch-first on one of his fans after he attempted to jump from one stage onto another during his performance on Sunday night at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, he probably didn’t execute the move the way he had imagined.

The name of the female fan who he almost strangled with his legs, Khyati, soon became a trending topic on Twitter. Promptly after colliding with the fan during his "Adorn" performance, Miguel took to his own Twitter account to let everyone know she was OK: “got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay.” The post soon received nearly 8,000 retweets and nearly 3,000 favorites.

The fan looked like she was injured pretty bad, with her neck and head slamming into the stage. Right after the collision, she was whisked away, but, like a true performer, Miguel continued to sing as if nothing had happened. People in the crowd around him seem confused while others found humor in the girl’s misfortune.

Twitter quickly reacted to his leg drop, sympathizing with the fan.

“Miguel needs to explain his intentions for that WWF move at the end of his performance. #poorgirl,” @funkvolume13m wrote.

@aadxo1m tweeted, “The actual video of Miguel kicking/falling on that girl is hilarious though lmao poor girl.”

Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan even commented on the fiasco: “Miguel's performance should have come with a free spine alignment for the first 3 rows. #BBMA.”

Check out some of the memes that soon began to circulate on the social media site after Miguel's fall: